We’d Be Better off if We’d Lost WWII

Vernon Coleman

Theresa May’s deal is so bad that we would be better off if we had lost the Second World, War.

I can’t make my mind up whether the woman is mad, bad evil or simply treacherous. Is she simply hoping that the deal will be rejected so that she can call for a Second Referendum? Or does she seriously think she can get away with cancelling Brexit? She talks about wanting to get ‘it’ over with. But is that any way to deal with the most important negotiation in British history?

If MPs do the `right’ thing there is no chance of the deal with the EU being approved by the House of Commons. It is widely agreed to be worse than being in the EU!

There is only one way for Frau May to get this outrageous deal through Parliament: to bribe enough MPs to vote for it.

And, scarily, that wouldn’t be difficult to do.

Most MPs are fairly easy to bribe.

Some will do whatever you tell them to do for a knighthood and an overpaid, two day a week job as Chairman of some silly Quango.

Others prefer a seat in the House of Lords (together with the pay and perks and a chance to nibble cucumber sandwiches with Lords Blunkett, Kinnock, Prescott and Mandelson).

If Frau May gets this appalling deal approved then my betting is that it will be because she’s `bought’ enough MPs.

The snag, however, will be getting the deal through the House of Lords where there are hundreds of bastards who are more difficult to bribe because they’ve already been given the keys to the sweetie shop.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 28th November 2018