Cattle Are a Bigger Problem Than Cars

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

For over a quarter of a century I have argued that people who care about the environment should give up eating meat and become vegetarian.

Here are some recent figures which once more justify that position.

1. Livestock produce more global emissions than the world’s cars, lorries, trains, ships and aeroplanes.
2. Cattle account for two thirds of all those emissions.
3. There are between 1 billion and 1.5 billion cows on the planet.
4. Producing feed for cows requires vast quantities of fossil fuels.
5. Cattle require much grassland. World starvation could be eliminated if the land used for cattle were used to grow food for people.
6. The methane produced by cattle is more dangerous than carbon dioxide.
7. Cattle require vast amounts of water – and cattle ranches are responsible for the world shortage of water.
8. Meat causes cancer and heart disease. If you eat meat every day then your risk of dying rises by 13%.

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