A Bigger Problem than Climate Change

Dr Vernon Coleman

The conspirators who are driving the race towards the Great Reset are themselves propelled forward by a number of specific driving forces.

One of these is oil.

It has been known for decades that the oil is running out.

And this creates a huge problem because our whole society is built on fossil fuels. We used to be reliant on coal. But for a long time now we’ve been reliant on oil for use in transport, in heating, in manufacture and in farming.

The conspirators know that with the oil running out there will be a number of problems.

They need huge amounts of oil for their massive yachts, for their aeroplanes, for their private space projects and for their wars. A war uses up a lot of oil.

And so to make the Great Reset viable they will need a much smaller and much more compliant global population.

This is one reason why they are trying to kill off billions by starvation and with toxic vaccines.

They are opposed to new building programmes (in Wales they will stop road building, in the rest of the UK all building projects will have to stop by 2030).

They want to stop `ordinary’ people from travelling and so they are presenting all sorts of problems – and making travel difficult and uncomfortable. Cars are to be banned (even electric cars will eventually be outlawed.)

And they want to stop traditional farming (which has become dependent on oil – especially as fertilisers) and replace traditional foods with laboratory made foods.

It’s all about the oil.

I first wrote about this problem in 2007 in a book called `Oil Apocalypse’ which was widely and generously praised by industry insiders. The revised version of that book is called `A Bigger Problem than Climate Change: The End of Oil’. And the book is available as an eBook and a paperback in the BOOKS section on www.vernoncoleman.org

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