The Biggest Load of Baloney Since AIDS

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Am I the only one feeling very grumpy at the way the moronic climate change protestors are being feted and adored by the establishment?

On the fact of it, everything seems rather odd.

Why did the police allow protestors to block London and make life miserable for millions? In contrast, I remember being threatened with arrest when I tried to attend a police approved anti-vivisection rally where I was the speaker. (I sued the Chief Constable whose minions had stopped me but the judge threw out my lawsuit.)

Why are politicians and media folk fawning over a young girl Ė and treating her as though she were some sort of religious oracle? Every word is reported uncritically as though it had come down from heaven engraved on thunderbolts.

The fact is that the climate change scare is the biggest load of baloney since the AIDS threat. (Remember that? We were all going to die of AIDS by the year 2000. I was absolutely hammered for daring to point out that the evidence didnít support the hysteria.)

As with AIDS we are not allowed to debate the issue Ė or the science.

Iíd love to debate the science of climate change with the protestors. But there isnít a TV or radio station in the country which would dare set up a proper debate.

So, what is going on?

The fact is that the establishment (controlled as usual by the EU) wants us to cut our use of oil. It has introduced all sorts of daft initiatives (such as the recycling nonsense and the madness over plastics) because the oil is rapidly running out.

The climate change protestors donít realise it but they are simply political pawns being `playedí by the eurocrats who want to keep all the oil for their own use.

If you donít believe me about the oil running out then I suggest you read my book A Bigger Problem than Climate Change. Itís available as a paperback. The oil crisis isnít a new one. (I wrote the book a few years ago). But the crisis is slowly getting more urgent.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019