The Big Lie Remainers Like to Tell

Vernon Coleman

The biggest lie the Remainers and the BBC keep telling is that the 2016 Referendum was a close run thing.

This is nonsense.

Actually itís more than self-serving nonsense. Itís absolute gold plated bollocks.

Leavers won the Referendum by 51.9% to 48.1%.

In political terms thatís a landslide.

Put another way it meant that 1,300,000 more people voted to Leave than to Remain.

And this vote included Scotland and Gibraltar Ė both of which voted massively to Remain.

Scotland voted to Remain because the idiots at the SNP led voters to think they could be independent and part of the United States of Europe. Youíd have to be a moron to think that but maybe all that haggis does something to peopleís brains. Gibraltar voted to Remain because they like Spain more than England. We should have let the apes vote.

England (even with the ridiculous Gibraltar vote which counted as part of Southern England) voted 53 % to leave and 46 % to Remain.

Thatís an even bigger landslide.

Take out London (which is dominated by foreign born voters) and the result is an even bigger, bigger landslide.

The figures show that 70% of Conservative constituencies and 60% of Labour constituencies voted to leave.

If this had been a General Election, the Leave vote would have won a massive victory. The House of Commons would have been packed with Leavers, and the Remainer MPs would have been stuck in a corner looking glum.

More than 80% of the electorate voted for parties which had promised to remove Britain entirely from the EU Ė including the customs union and the single market. (The 20% voted for potty fringe parties such as the SNP, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens.)

Tragically, it all went wrong because the entire British establishment disapproved of the result. The Establishment spent bundles of taxpayersí money on promoting Remain. They made absurd threats that were just lies. And they demonised Leavers as thick racists.

But in the end what has really mattered has been that hundreds of Remainer MPs have sold their souls for personal gain and betrayed the people who elected them and chosen instead to favour the interests of a neoNazi organisation which was designed by Nazis, built by Nazis and paid for with the blood of concentration camp victims (the indisputable evidence that Nazis created the EU is in Zina Cohenís book, The Shocking History of the EU).

Those MPs betrayed the people who elected them. They stood on manifestos which got them elected and which they have now denied. The many MPs who refuse to accept Ďno dealí have all demonstrated their contempt for democracy.

Politicians in Britain will never again be trusted.

I hope all those Remainer MPs are proud of themselves.

Because no one else is.

MPs are complaining that they are being abused in the street. Some are demanding police protection.

They seem surprised.

But they are only surprised because they donít understand the meaning of words such as decency, honour and patriotism and they donít understand the amount of disappointment and frustration which honest people feel when they have been betrayed.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 29th 2019

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