Why Are So Many Millennials Ignorant and Bigoted Thugs?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Millennials like to think of themselves as liberal and open minded. They think they are entitled to claim the moral high ground.

But as a generation they are as liberal and open minded as Himmler and Goering.

As a breed, millennials are the worst fascists in history.

They want history to be edited so that they donít have to face any unpleasant facts.

They suppress and silence speakers and writers who want to express views with which they do not agree.

And they are, without a doubt, the most ignorant generation for a century and a half.

(They are also the fattest and most unhealthy generation there has ever been. As a result, most of them wonít live long enough to need the pensions they wonít receive.)

They support the EU because they think itís an organisation which promotes peace and multiculturalism. If they did a little research they would know that the EU is the most fascist organisation ever created. The EU was, after all, designed by Nazis to promote German interests.

Millennials are ignorant and bigoted because they are spoilt brats.

They were spoilt at home.

They were spoilt at school.

They were spoilt at university or college.

They are still being spoilt.

As a result, they now spend their days screaming and throwing their toys out of the pram if they donít get their own way.

They get away with a good deal.

But todayís millennial generation cannot be allowed to get away with describing themselves as `liberalí or `open-mindedí.

They are neither. Instead, they are the nastiest of nasty fascists.

Himmler and Goering would be proud of them.

(Ironically, most millennials probably donít even know who Himmler and Goering were.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018