And now Taxpayers will have to pay Billions in damages to the jabbed!

Dr Vernon Coleman

The UK Government has long had a standard maximum `vaccine damageí compensation payment. If you can prove that your serious illness was caused by a vaccine you can claim £120,000. Thatís it. If a vaccine killed a loved one you can claim £120,000.

Because the Government obeyed the suggestion from Bill Gates that the mega rich drug companies should be given a get out of jail free card Ė and indemnified against lawsuits Ė it is taxpayers who will have to pay the bills.

GPs and others will also be safe.

Everyone except taxpayers is safe from lawsuits.

The first payment has already been made Ė and rightly so. (In the real world, of course, the drug company responsible would have to pay out would have to pay out £120,000,000).

But how much is this going to cost already beleaguered taxpayers?

Well, you can work it out easily enough, but Iíll do it for you.

If 100,000 people are killed or injured by the covid-19 jabs (and I think that is a massive underestimate) then the amount payable will be £12,000,000,000.

Thatís £12 billion quid.

Of course, the number killed and injured is likely to be much higher.

If 5,000,000 people are killed or injured in the UK (which is still probably a conservative number) then the amount payable will be 600,000,000,000.

And thatís £600 billion.

And to save you doing the sums thatís £10,000 that every man, woman and child will have to find.

Of course, it could be much higher than that.

So, how do you feel about having to fork out £10,000 to pay damages to those who allowed themselves to be jabbed with toxic junk that didnít do what they said it would do?

The figures are much the same for all other countries, by the way.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2022

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