You Can Protect Yourself Against Bird Flu

Vernon Coleman

16th October 2005

Television and newspapers are full of ‘scare’ stories about bird flu. But one thing is missing: advice on what you can do to help protect yourself.

I suspect that the Government wants everyone terrified because people who are terrified tend to do what they are told - and notice what is happening to them.

I believe the drug companies want everyone terrified so that they can sell loads of flu vaccine. (Though I suspect that being vaccinated against ordinary flu to protect yourself against bird flu is like being vaccinated against whooping cough to protect yourself in a measles epidemic.)

And I know that the media want to terrify everyone because people who are terrified buy loads of newspapers and watch lots of television news programmes.

Nowhere have I seen anyone explain that most people can usually reduce their risk of dying from infections by boosting their immune systems.

The stronger your immune system, the more capable your body will be of defending itself. Strengthen your immune system and you will be better able to fight off any and all infections.

And there are lots of things you can do to boost your immune system. There isn’t room here to explain what I mean. But you’ll find all the advice and information I have in my book, Superbody. You can borrow a copy of Superbody free of charge from your local public library. Or, if you prefer, you can buy one from the shop on this website.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 16th October 2005