When Tony Blair Supported Brexit! (You Must Read This)

by Vernon Coleman

Today, Blair attacked Andrea Leadsom for having changed her mind about Brexit. He seems to think it strange that anyone should change their mind about the EU – particularly when she ends up with a view opposed to his own.

But Tony Blair hasn’t always been an ardent Europhile.

Just look at these wonderful quotes from our former Prime Minister:

`Above all, the European Economic Community takes away Britain’s freedom to follow the sort of economic policies we need.’ – Tony Blair, writing in his personal manifesto when standing for Parliament in Beaconsfield in 1982

‘We’ll negotiate a withdrawal from the EEC which has drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs.’ – Tony Blair, pledging his opposition to the EEC when standing for Parliament in Sedgefield in 1983

‘On the day we remember the legend that St George slayed a dragon to protect England, some would argue that there is another dragon to be slayed: Europe.’ – Tony Blair, in patriotic and vote winning mood on St George’s Day 1997, in an interview with The Sun newspaper

Blair et al will do anything and everything to prevent Britain leaving the EU.

But for at least 15 years he was an ardent opponent of the EU.

What on earth could have possibly changed his mind?

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