Blatant Discrimination in Health Care

Dr Vernon Coleman

Age discrimination is commonplace within the NHS. And no one seems to give a damn.

Two thirds of patients enduring long waits in Accident and Emergency Departments in NHS hospitals are over 60 years of age. The patients left to wait longest are usually the oldest and most vulnerable.

Patients over 90 years of age routinely wait longer than most other patients.

If black patients had to wait longer than white patients there would (quite rightly) be rioting in the streets. If women had to wait longer than men there would (rightly) be screams of outrage. So, why is ageism ignored?

Why does no one in the NHS seem to care about the elderly? Iíll answer my own question: itís because the establishment (aka the conspirators) want to get rid of the elderly because they are officially considered useless and expensive. And doctors and nurses have been taught to treat the elderly with contempt rather than respect.

If youíre already over 60 years of age then this illegal discrimination should worry you now.

If youíre under 60-years-old, and hoping to live beyond 60, then this blatant discrimination should concern you too.

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