Mainstream Media – Blinkered, Complacent and Hypocritical

Dr Vernon Coleman

The Daily Telegraph of 1st December had an editorial headline headed `A free press is vital to a healthy democracy’. The editorial was about the paper itself. And the writer talked about the importance of editorial integrity.

I have worked in the media for over 50 years and I am now quite certain that there is no press freedom. None. And there is no editorial integrity anywhere in the mainstream media.

For years now there has been no debate about the vital issues which concern us all.

Specifically, there has been no debate about the important issues in health care.

The mainstream media assumes that vaccines are good and that anyone questioning their efficacy and safety must be a dangerous lunatic – to be silenced.

But there is no proof that vaccines are safe and effective.

And there is a great deal of evidence that they are neither.

From the start of 2020 the mainstream media assumed that covid-19 was a real threat. They ignored the evidence proving that it was simply the rebranded flu – no more or less dangerous than the ordinary, common or garden annual flu.

The mainstream media ignored the evidence proving that the PCR test was useless. And they ignored the evidence proving that the experimental covid-19 vaccine was too toxic and too useless to be used at all – let alone given to billions.

The mainstream media has totally betrayed us. The truth has been silenced and the truth tellers ignored, suppressed and vilified.

There is no press freedom and to pretend otherwise is an insult to every citizen.

I know of no mainstream media outlet which has editorial integrity.

Since the beginning of 2020 the mainstream media has refused to allow proper debate and has helped suppress the truth. Those trying to share the truth have been censored, lied about and demonised.

If you want to know more please read my book `Truth-Teller: The Price’ which explains how the mainstream media, in all its forms, has relentlessly suppressed the truth and destroyed the truth tellers.

Before I tried to share the truth about covid-19 and the covid-19 vaccine I was widely respected. I had written over 5,000 articles and columns for the mainstream media. I had books published around the world in 26 languages. I had made hundreds if not thousands of programmes for mainstream TV and radio.

Overnight all that changed.

As a result of the lies spread in the mainstream media and online I no longer have any book publishers and my articles no longer appear. I am never invited to appear on mainstream TV or radio.

The truth has been displaced by a barrage of lies.

The inescapable conclusion is that there is no free press. There is no free speech.

Anyone who suggests otherwise is either woefully ignorant, deluded or deliberately closing their eyes to the truth.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2023

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