Free Blood Clots with Every Covid Jab

Dr Vernon Coleman

In America you can get a free doughnut if you live in the right place and agree to have yourself jabbed with the toxic, experimental brew known as the covid-19 jab.

But there are no free doughnuts available in the UK.

Here all you get if you have a covid-19 jab is a free blood clot.

Free clots with every jab.

They should make honest adverts promoting the blood clots.

A clot for a clot. My kingdom for a clot. They could hire some of those media doctors to explain how wonderful clots can be. A clot in your leg. A clot in your lungs. A clot in your brain. Kill you quick, kill you slow.

Letís bring some honesty into government propaganda.

Could those queues be really full of people wanting to be jabbed? Or maybe theyíre all out of work actors whoíve been offered £10 to stand in a queue for three hours. For another fiver theyíd hold up signs saying `jab me, jab meí. For £20 theyíd say Fauci and Whitty were human. I donít believe the number jabbed is anywhere near as many as they claim. I donít believe anything the Government, its advisors, the BMA, the BBC or anyone working for the mainstream media has to say.

The problem is that weíre living in a world asylum controlled by psychopaths and I hardly know where to start. I donít know about you but I feel quite pleased with myself when I manage to struggle through another day.

I have become very cautious. I tip toe round the garden to avoid falling over and breaking something because I donít want to go to hospital. I back away from barky dogs because I donít want one to bite me requiring a hospital visit. Iím going to buy a second hand tank so that I can drive around without worrying about being rammed by some idiot whose mask has made him drowsy. Incidentally, I realised the other day that the only time I will ever wear a mask is when the authorities tell me I must not Ė then weíll know theyíre necessary.

Iím terrified of needing to go to hospital. A nine hour wait in the casualty department and then, if youíre lucky, you get to see a nurse. The doctors have all disappeared and are hiding in Aberystwyth or the Colorado mountains. I donít want to be tested. Iím terrified Iíll fall asleep and someone will creep up and jab me behind the arras with the evil poison in a syringe. You probably wonít believe this but Iíve even bought a surgical suture kit so I can sew myself up if I slice myself with the hedge-trimmer or a chain saw. Honest. Iíve got sutures and thread and lancets for tidying things up. And a nice bottle of antiseptic to splash on the wound. Do it yourself invisible mending. Iíve got a very nice bottle of malt whisky to use as an anaesthetic and a good bottle of brandy to get me through the post-op hours. You think Iím kidding but I promise you Iím not. Colin Barronís got Lulu and a Whitty wig and Iíve got a boxful of operating theatre supplies.

The empty headed cretins who believe that weíre living through a pandemic are enjoying their days in cloud cuckoo land.

I canít believe how many stupid, gullible people there are around. And how readily they believe the nonsense they are told. They must all have at least one foot firmly planted in the loony bin. There are battalions of bed wetting numpties around who dutifully wear their grubby masks, which they are told to wear to try to hide the Bellís Palsy theyíll get from taking a toxic experimental jab. If the rules ever do soften for a while, millions will be so terrified they will wear their masks and do the distancing sidestep for eternity because they believe they will live for ever if they do. They might as well be immortalised in formalin like one of those hapless animals preserved in the name of what Hirst calls art and the rest of us call pointless.

There are people in the UK who still believe things theyíre told by government ministers such as Johnson and Hancock when in truth the worldís politicians are about as much use a hundredweight of crisp dingle berries. I wouldnít trust Macron to clean my car and I wouldnít trust Biden to blow his own nose even if someone put a hanky in his hand and told him what to do. The people manipulating these sorry quarter wits, the Global Economic Forum, the Gates Foundation and so on are laughing at everyone; theyíre taking the piss and no one seems to give a damn.

The only people quoted in the media these days are invertebrates such as Dr Dolly Parton and Dr Mrs Queen who, despite knowing nothing at all about anything other than wigs and corgis, are happy to assure us that the covid jabs will do us even more good than spinach. They havenít bothered to consult the information collected by their own governments which show that the jabs have killed thousands and injured hundreds of thousands. Iíve been writing about iatrogenesis for many decades and there is no drug in history which has been promoted as hard as the covid-19 jab and no drug in history Ė and vaccines count as drugs Ė that has killed and injured as many people. I doubt if napalm has killed as many people as the covid jabs.

And then there are complete cretins who want children to be given a deadly, experimental, inadequately tested, vaccine that only has a temporary licence and that doesnít do what the cretins think it does to protect them against a disease they probably wonít get and that almost certainly wonít kill them if they do get it. I wonder how many know what the word `experimentalí means. For the record it means that no one knows what will happen to the people who take it. Thatís an experiment. If I throw Madge Hancock off the top of Big Ben I donít know precisely what will happen. Will she die of a brain injury or blood loss? Thatís the same as the covid-19 jab. The jabs have been given emergency authorisation despite the fact that the covid-19 responsible was officially downgraded and declared no deadlier than the flu.

Establishment figures are falling over themselves and each other to insist that mandatory vaccinations must be brought in. A columnist in the Daily Telegraph says that care workers must be jabbed. because they, donít care enough. Thatís what they said. The columnist, someone called Judith Woods, says that people who refuse to take the vaccine are selfish and that carers who wonít be jabbed (with junk, let us not forget that has already killed over 1,000 people in the UK Ė according to the Governmentís own figures ) Ė Ďdonít care enough about their charges. `More than 30% of carers in her borough of Hackney have refused a vaccination that would she says protect them and others from a virus that she claims has laid waste to the planet. That sentence would win her applause from the BBC. The virus hasnít laid waste to the planet. The figures show it killed no more people than the flu. And the NHS admits that the vaccine wonít necessarily stop people getting the virus or spreading it.

Do journalists know the truth, I wonder. Are they too naÔve to realise that governments and their advisors know that if you tell a big enough lie no one will recognise it as a lie because no one believes anyone could lie that much and keep a straight face.

Hancock the moron says we should aim for the double jabbed cretins to be able to avoid quarantine. Wonderful. Do journalists not know that Israel says it is facing a new covid-19 outbreak despite having the worldís most vaccinated population.

Patrick Henningsenís magnificent 21st Century Wire website contains an article from the Wall Street Journal reporting that 450 US colleges and universities have announced policies mandating that all students be fully vaccinated before the autumn term. The snag, reports the journal is that the mandated vaccinations arenít legal or morally acceptable and violate the basic principles of medical ethics. Go to 21s Century Wire to read the report headed `WSJ: American University Vaccine Mandates Violate Medical Ethicsí.

Worse still there are double, double cretins and ignorant psychopaths around who insist that 12-year-old children should be allowed to decide for themselves whether they want to be jabbed. They want children to be jabbed without parental consent. Children who arenít considered old enough to smoke, go into pubs, vote, have sex or watch dirty movies are told theyíre old enough to decide whether they want to be jabbed with stuff that is entirely experimental and so complex that not one in 100,000 adults understands it and which has, according to government figures, already killed thousands of people around the world and maimed hundreds of thousands more. How long before they start offering kids a new game console if they agree to roll up their sleeves and risk death and disablement? Alternatively, the kids will probably be told they can remain unvaccinated and be ostracised, lonely and laughed at, and will have to live in a damp, dark cellar for six months.

Adults donít have the foggiest what theyíre being jabbed with but 12Ėyear-olds are mostly illiterate and donít know whether to put their socks on before or after their shoes. And now we want them to decide whether or not to be jabbed.

There is no such thing as informed consent these days. And it is illegal to give this stuff to a human being without their full and informed consent. The vast majority of doctors and nurses who have been jabbing people are criminals who will, when justice is served, find themselves sitting in cells alongside world famous war criminal Tony Blair. Itís a crime to give treatment without informed consent. Itís a double crime to give treatment which is experimental without obtaining full informed consent. And itís a triple crime to do it to children.

It was, of course, the evil Blair who gave the Brexiteers victory in the UK because every time he opened his mouth everyone knew he was lying about the Common Market. And now heís our greatest champion. The pro-vaxxers ought to lock him up but theyíre stupid and they think it helps when he opens his mouth and lets his brains dribble out. Every time he says anything promoting vaccines and death rays and mustard gas another million people decide to say no thank you very much to whatever it is the malignant bastard is selling. Blair has the eyes of the devil, the soul of a psychopath and the principles of a politician. A man who, like Bush and Powell took deceit to new depths.

Excuse my language, by the way but it is acknowledged to be impossible to mention Blair without using at least one expletive. Indeed, most people outside the UK think his first name is `Thatfuckingtwatí because theyíre so used to hearing people describe him as `Thatfuckingtwat Blairí. The odd thing is that if Blair says anything about covid-19, such as that the unvaccinated should stay in lockdown, presumably as a punishment for having working brains, the BBC clears everything to give him airtime. But if 100 independent doctors stand up and have something to say then the BBC ignores them.

Blair provides the mark for evil, of course, but the rest arenít much better.

I hate this damned covid jab.

It is everything that is wrong with medicine. Itís deadly, not properly tested and there is a risk that the vaccinated will kill us all. The idiots whoíve let themselves be jabbed should have a big V tattooed on their foreheads so that we can identify them and keep well away. Or maybe a big I standing for Idiot.

Let me explain how much I hate it.

There is a small fish found in the river Amazon called the candiru, aka the toothpick fish. Itís a tiny fish which lives as a parasite in the gills of bigger fish. If you go swimming in the Amazon and feel the need to urinate and decide to relieve yourself in the river, something bad, really bad can happen. The little candiru will be attracted by the smell and will travel up the stream of urine into your urethra and there it will stick out its little spines and makes its home. The pain is apparently horrific. The flow of urine from the bladder will cease and serious surgery will be required if you are to be saved. This is not a fun thing to happen. Itís not something you laugh about later.

Well, Iíd rather bathe in a pool full of candiru than have one of the deadly, experimental covid-19 jabs because at least with a tiny fish living inside my urethra Iíll get to keep my soul and Iíll have a better chance of staying alive.

We have to stop all this and youíre the only people who can do it. Itís no good me preaching to the converted and youíre the only people I can reach since Iím banned from anything resembling mainstream media.

Send videos and articles off my websites to everyone you know and everyone you donít know. Everyone. Itís how weíll win this war. Share the truth with people and theyíll be astonished at the extent of the lies theyíve been told. My websites contain up-to-date figures of the numbers who have been killed or injured by these jabs.

Encourage those who are brave enough to tell the story of how theyíve been harmed by the vaccine. Encourage them to admit they made a mistake. If you see such videos offer sympathy and support. Their courage will help us enormously.

And remember, people who rely on the mainstream media will have been lied to consistently Ė especially by the UKís state broadcaster, the Governmentís propaganda arm, the utterly unscrupulous, ruthless and deadly BBC. There are, remember, no proper journalists working for the BBC Ė just pseudo-journalists.

Remember too just how confusing everything is.

You canít go to Spain, Guatemala or Texas or the Isle of Wight unless youíve been to Cornwall. You canít have you hair cut while getting married unless youíve washed behind your ears three times and own a bicycle. If you live north of the equator you canít hug more than three people at once and you must stay indoors between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm on Saturdays unless youíre at Ascot and there is an R in the month. You must wear a mask, socks and galoshes while eating and drinking but you can remove your mask to eructate or answer questions at the police station.

Itís hardly surprising that people get confused and frightened.

The rules about working from home are just as bad. Office workers and doctors are all working from home, and surgeons will probably soon tell patients to be prepared to perform surgery on their own kitchen table. You download a video on YouTube and a surgeon guides you through the whole procedure. The first cut isnít necessarily the deepest by the way. Madge Hancock, who is allegedly in charge of fibbing in the UK, will probably tell us that firemen can also work from home if they wish. You ring 999 and ask for the fire brigade and one of the firemen asks you to take your fire round to his place. Alternatively, you can download an App and take pictures of the fire and the firemen will watch your home burn to the ground and make comments on what they are seeing.

The world has gone stark raving mad.

My videos on BNT are controlled and suppressed by governments, with increasingly ruthless efficiency. So spread the word far and wide. Be daring and put videos on your Twitter or Facebook. Take a chance.

And if someone you know is being threatened with a vaccination they donít want, remember there are four ways to stop this happening.

First, tell the doctor or nurse or busy body involved that you will make an official complaint (something everyone in any bureaucracy is terrified of these days).

Second, tell them that you will send details of their perfidy to the press and all over social media Ė naming them personally.

Third, tell them that you will sue them personally.

And, fourth, if itís a doctor or a nurse tell them that you will make a formal complaint to their licensing body.

And after all that hand them a loo roll because theyíll need it.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2021

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