A Bloody Cheek!

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

If you donít buy a TV licence in the UK you will be subjected to a barrage of letters threatening all sorts of things. The letters come signed by an Enforcement Manager.

I find this rather odd.

People who donít have a car licence donít get letters demanding that they explain why they donít have one.

People who donít have a passport or a driving licence arenít sent `Official Warningsí in red ink.

So, why do the TV licensing thugs think they are entitled to send out their horrid letters?

It is, it seems to me, harassment.

And I rather thought that harassment is illegal.

The thing that really pisses me off is that householders are warned that if they donít use TV receiving equipment they must tell the authorities that they donít want a licence.

And the TV licensing people then say `We may confirm this with a visití.

In other words if you tell the TV licensing people that you donít have or want a TV licence they will send someone round to see if youíre telling the truth.

Bloody cheek.

And all this is done so that the TV licensing folk can give bucket loads of money to a broadcasting organisation which is biased in favour of the Nazi designed European Union.

It seems to me that giving money to the TV licensing people is downright unpatriotic.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018