"How You Can Conquer 90% Of All Illnesses
Without Seeing A Doctor"

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If you can still get a doctor to come and see you at night or at weekends then you are one of the lucky few. Make the most of it because finding a doctor out of hours (any doctor - not just a good one) will soon be as big a long shot as winning the lottery. It will even make finding an NHS dentist look easy.

EU regulations now limit the number of hours doctors can work and the British Government has given GPs the opportunity to opt out of emergency work. Things aren’t helped by the fact that thousands of doctors are retiring early - fed up with NHS red tape which makes their working lives miserable.

No one seems to care much about patients these days. A four hour wait in casualty is officially considered acceptable. (Though I bet Tony Blair wouldn’t have to wait that long if Leo had cut his leg or if Cherie had broken her arm.) And whatever the fiddled Government figures might show, hospital waiting lists are getting longer and longer.

It is, of course, worrying to know that you may not be able to see a doctor when you need one. But the news isn’t all bad because, amazingly, you can, if you know how, conquer 90% of all illnesses without seeing a doctor at all. You can make life much easier by having access to knowledge which will help decrease the likelihood of your ever needing a doctor. And help you deal with most illnesses without seeing a doctor or nurse or even visiting a pharmacy.

The Right Information
To look after your health properly - and to reduce your chances of needing a doctor - you need access to information which you know you can trust.
But that’s not easy.
Much of the medical information in magazines or newspapers has been reprinted directly from press releases produced by drug companies, or written by journalists who know far less about health care than you do.
Use Your Body’s Own Powers To Protect and Heal
So, whom can you trust?
Thousands of readers have learned to trust Dr Vernon Coleman - a medically qualified doctor who has been known for decades as ‘the people’s doctor’.

Over twenty years ago, Dr Coleman wrote a book called Bodypower which shows how you can easily conquer 9 out of 10 illnesses without seeing a doctor or spending any money. Bodypower, which has been reprinted scores of times and sold around the world, is as fresh and as exciting today as it was when it was first published in 1983.
We all need doctors, hospitals and alternative therapists sometimes, of course. But Bodypower shows you that we need them less often than we think we do.

Protection Against Disease
The aim of Dr Coleman’s book, Bodypower is to help you to use your body’s own inbuilt powers to deal safely and effectively with the many, varied hazards which are an inevitable part of modern life. ‘Bodypower’ can be used to help provide you with protection against disease, to help speed recovery and to help improve your physical and mental capacities in the face of the many different threats to health. Bodypower is not a gimmick, and it does not consist of any trickery. Bodypower is a new approach to life based on sound physiological principles.

In Bodypower you will discover:
Too Good To Be True
Being able to conquer 9 out of 10 illnesses without spending money or seeing a doctor may sound too good to be true. But it is true - most illnesses can be cured without pills or medicines and without orthodox or alternative therapies. You can get better without spending time and money on doctors, specialists, acupuncturists, hypnotherapists or pills from the chemist - and without exposing yourself to uncomfortable side effects. Dr Vernon Coleman’s book, Bodypower will show you how.

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"Despite my own medical training and knowledge of nature’s devices, Dr Coleman made me think again" (BBC World Service)

"There are plenty of good books on healthcare - I’d recommend Bodypower."
(Woman’s Own)

"...a self-help manual for maintaining or regaining health using your own resources."
(The Good Book Guide)

"Don’t miss it! Dr Coleman’s theories could change your life...the revolutionary way to look better and feel younger."
(Sunday Mirror)

"One of the most sensible treatises on personal survival that has ever been published."
(Yorkshire Evening Post)

In Bodypower You Will Also Discover:

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Donna Davidson

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