Bollocks to the BBC

Vernon Coleman

If 3.5 million pensioners over the age of 75 refuse to pay money to the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation, just what will the bastards do?

Sending out 3.5 million threatening letters a month will cost the BBC a fortune and clog the Royal Mail. The BBC will have to recruit thousands of thugs to chase down all those who havenít paid. And the courts simply wonít be able to cope.

The BBC is a disgrace.

I can, I suppose, forgive the sexism and the ageism, the self-righteousness and the hypocrisy but the treachery is unforgiveable.

I believe that the BBC, bought and paid for by Hitlerís loved creation, the European Union, has broken its Charter requiring it to be impartial. Goebbels would be proud of todayís BBC.

Remind everyone you know that the BBC receives vast sums from the EU. It is no surprise that the BBC favours the EU and damns Brexit at every opportunity.

If the BBC wants more money to pay its obscenely overpaid presenters and executives then let them get more pieces of silver from their masters in Brussels.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019