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Dr Vernon Coleman

The bookshop on this website has been given a spring clean, tidied up and generally made more accessible. All the books currently available are linked to the appropriate page on

If you live outside the UK then your local version of amazon should carry the same books. The operative word is `should’. Sadly, it seems that a few countries are not selling several of the books. For example, `Truth Teller: The Price’, which is Vernon’s latest book (and his last book about covid and the Great Reset), is available for sale in the UK but at the moment does NOT seem to be available in the US or Australia. It should be, but it isn’t. We suspect there might be something in the book which has upset the CIA and the Australian equivalent.

There is a hard cover version of `Truth Teller: The Price’ but curiously it seems to be unavailable since it is apparently being sold with a three month rolling delivery date which effectively makes it unavailable. (On 29th October the delivery date for a copy of the book was listed on as 29th January 2024.)

There isn’t anything we can do about the curious problem with the hardcover version except gnash our teeth, and that doesn’t seem to make much difference. There will be no eBook version of `Truth Teller: The Price’ and if you would like to find out why this very personal book seems to have upset the sensitive souls at the CIA, the only option is the paperback. If you want to buy a copy of the paperback we suggest that you do so quite quickly.

There is no little irony in the fact that a book in which I describe precisely how I have been suppressed, attacked, libelled, censored and banned should itself now be suppressed.

But I doubt if the conspirators understand the concept of irony.