Boring Bit For Lawyers

These days, most websites include disclaimers in which the authors apologetically warn readers that they should not rely on any information their website contains, and nor should they follow any of the advice they may find within. I certainly do not recommend that any reader makes any decisions of any kind based on any of the absurd ramblings on this website.

Disclaimers invariably go on to insist that readers who rely on anything they are reading do so at their own risk. These warnings are included because the world is now full of lawyers and litigants who, under the often misguided impression that there might be money to be made, will leap at every opportunity to gouge lolly out of anyone who can be blamed for fate's little tricks. And so, as author and publisher, I feel that I must follow fashion and warn readers that if they act on any of the facts on this website they do so entirely at their own risk. I advise readers to treat all facts with disdain. I recommend that all advice and opinions should be disregarded or treated with great suspicion. Any reader who believes material on this website, or follows advice the website contains, does so entirely at their own risk. Moreover, I would also like to make it clear that computers can be dangerous objects and should not be dropped, thrown or otherwise projected into areas where people or delicate objects might be damaged. In other words, dear reader, drop your computer or this website onto your toes and you're on your own.
Vernon Coleman