Boris – A Remainer at Heart and another Gutless Prime Minister

Vernon Coleman

The Conservative Party believes that the public will still trust Boris Johnson – even though he failed to get out of the EU as he had promised.

But I suspect that voters will still remember his promise not to ask for an extension. And they will remember his promise that we would leave the EU on 31st October. Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party will remind the voters of these broken promises.

Boris can argue that it wasn’t his fault that the Brexit process is still unfinished.

But he is Prime Minister.

And sometimes you have to do what you think is right; sometimes you have to use what power you have.

Boris could have refused to send a letter requesting an extension to Brexit.

And he could have taken us out of the EU without a deal on October 31st.

Perhaps he just didn’t have the bottle. Perhaps he is, like his brother and opinionated sister, a remainer at heart. Antoinette has believed this for months. She has never trusted Boris Johnson and has an excellent track record in such matters. I am now convinced that she is right. Boris has betrayed us. He’s no better than Theresa May. Those of us who believed his promises are suckers.

Would the courts have sent him to prison for obeying the referendum?


But he would have become a hero. And we’d have been out of the EU.

The bottom line is that I think calling an election is a high risk strategy. If Boris loses then Corbyn wins.

And then it won’t matter a damn whether we are in or out of the EU.

The metropolitan liberals who support the undemocratic and potently fascist remainer parties (the fence-sitting Labour Party, the inaccurately named Liberal Democrats, the awful, middle-class Green Party and the out of touch nationalist parties for Scotland and Wales) will regret their stupidity and their ignorance.

But by the time they realise what they’ve done it will be too late.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019

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