The BBC: Biased, Bought and Corrupt

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Studies of the BBC have shown an overwhelming bias against Brexit.

Here are some facts that all licence fee payers should know:

1. The BBC charter demands that the BBC is impartial and reflects all strands of public opinion. In return for this impartiality the BBC is entitled to an annual licence fee (currently around 150).
2. But the BBC is NOT impartial. To give but one example, between 2005 and 2015, the Today programme welcomed 4,275 guests to discuss the EU. Just 132 of them were Brexiteers.
3. In one recent five year period the BBC accepted 258 million euros from the EU. Over the recent years the BBC has accepted huge quantities of EU money.
4. This bias has been going on for years. Way back in 2004, a study conducted by the Centre for Policy Studies revealed that the BBC gave twice as much coverage to pro-EU speakers as to eurosceptics.
5. Since it has been established that the EU was created by Nazis to further the interests of Germany, it seems clear that the BBC has for years been supporting Nazi policies.

I suspect that not a few citizens will be appalled to find that they are giving money to what they may feel is a neo-Nazi organisation which has been bought by the EU.

The BBC is a corrupt and traitorous organisation which has betrayed Britain and the British. I believe the BBC is in breach of its own Charter and no longer entitled to the annual licence fee.

Far from being expected to continue paying money to the BBC, citizens of Britain are, in my view, entitled to receive refunds for the money they have handed over in the past.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2019