Why We Should Boycott Walkers Crisps

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I once bought a packet of Walkers Crisps. My excuse is that I was hungry and waiting for a train. There wasn’t anything else to buy.

I tried one crisp and then threw away the whole packet. To be honest, the packet itself would have probably been more palatable and I suspect it would have done me more good for I doubt if the packet in which the crisps are sold contains as much fat as the stuff inside.

As a doctor, I believe that Walkers have played a substantial role in the fattening of the British people.

In my view, Walkers can proudly boast that they have helped thousands of British children become obese; ready to grow up into heart attack victims.

I mention this because I am sick of hearing Gary Lineker share his confused and rather childish views on political issues.

Lineker used to be a footballer and is now employed by Walkers as a shill and, I am told, by the BBC as a presenter of programmes on football.

Lineker is one of a growing band of minor celebrities who feel that they have a right to share their ignorance with the world on a bewildering range of topics. These mouthy celebrities use their superficial fame to promote their views – regardless of their expertise. Lineker seems eager to stand on the moral high ground and look down on the rest of us.

When sensible Britons suggested that some of the so-called children being imported from the Calais camp looked a little old to be called children, Lineker called his fellow countrymen ‘hideously racist’.

Now, I have two problems with Lineker

First, there is a problem which seems to be shared by many other celebrities: an eagerness to share opinions without, I suspect, doing any proper, detailed research into the issues in question and without, perhaps, taking into account that life in the real world is rather different to life in the la la world of celebrity-land. Questioning Britain’s immigration policy is not racist.

Second, you cannot take the high ground when you are a shill for a company which makes a product which is doing harm to vast numbers of your fellow citizens.

So how do we persuade people such as Lineker to stop the abuse?

I have no doubt that the constant barrage of nonsense spilling from the Linekers of this world does have a harmful effect on the ignorant and the stupid.

Sadly, there are people out there whose views of the world are influenced by crisp salesmen.

There is absolutely no point in hoping that the BBC will have a word with their employee. The BBC is the corporate equivalent of a liberal leftie luvvie and I have no doubt that over-paid executives throughout the BBC drool with delight whenever Lineker does his ‘twitting’, or whatever he does.

But we can make a stand by refusing to buy the crisps Lineker promotes.

One has to assume that the people who own Walkers are happy for their shill to continue to share his bizarre liberal luvvie political views with the rest of the world.

So, let’s make it clear that we don’t approve of Lineker by boycotting the product he sells.

Maybe Walkers will then have a quiet word with their frontman and persuade him to shut up.

Or maybe Lineker will find himself emboldened with courage and a sense of righteous indignation.

Maybe he will insist that he be allowed to continue to upset his employer’s customers.

And then maybe Walkers will sack him.

If so then celebrities everywhere will realise that there is a price to pay when they share their views with the rest of the world.

Copyright Vernon Coleman