Letís Boycott the EU

Vernon Coleman

We all know that the EU is a vengeful, unforgiving and truly fascist organisation run by thousands of neo Nazis who are doing their best to complete Adolf Hitlerís work.

The latest idiocy to come from Brussels is a threat that Britons who want to travel to the continent of Europe in future will face long delays, obstructions, massive amounts of form filling and other deliberately introduced complications.

All this is being done to punish us.

Fair enough.

We are, after all, at war with the EU. Iíve been saying this for months. The EU is our enemy. And they are entitled to do whatever they want to try to make our lives worse.

But we can do whatever we want to make their lives miserable too.

And we damned well should.

For starters, letís not go on holiday to any EU country.

And letís not even go there to do business.

We can either take our holidays in Britain (which is what I intend to do) or go outside Europe.

And there are plenty of other countries eager to do business with us.

Finally, letís stop buying products made in the EU.

Stop buying French wine, German automobiles and whatever it might be that the Spanish might make.

If all Brexiteers vow not to buy anything originating in all those horrible EU countries then the EU will soon come to its knees. And the bastards who run the EU will quickly discover just how much they need us.

Iím going to do my best never to buy anything made in the EU.

And theyíve made it easy for me.

As soon as weíve left the EU, all I have to do is avoid buying anything with the silly CE sticker on it.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019