Our Christmas Break

Dr Vernon Coleman

Having worked pretty well solidly for many years now we have decided to take a small break over Christmas, and so there wont be any new articles on www.vernoncoleman.com for three weeks after Friday 15th December 2023. We hope to start putting up fresh articles on Monday the 8th January 2024. The keenest of keen readers will find a wide variety of books available via the bookshop on www.vernoncoleman.com and these will be available for sale throughout the holidays.

Wed both like to take the opportunity to thank all our readers for their support, and a special big thanks to those who have bought books and/or written lovely reviews. You have (literally) helped keep us alive.

We hope you all have a peaceful and healthy holiday period over Christmas and that your holiday is either restful or exhausting according to your wishes.

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to you all.

Vernon and Antoinette Coleman