How Woman Can Avoid Breast Cancer

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The latest health news story is that women who eat meat are more likely to develop breast cancer.

I could scream.

I have been saying this for nearly three decades Ė and I have been attacked, vilified and banned for saying it. The Advertising Standards Authority (which many people think is a statutory organisation but which is a private organisation funded largely by big advertisers) banned ads for my book Food for Thought which explained the link between cancers and food.

It isnít difficult to establish how meat causes breast cancer.

Meat as sold today is full of carcinogenic chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. And when you eat that meat the chemicals go into your bodyís fat supplies.

Human breast tissue contains a good deal of fat. So that is where the dangerous chemicals accumulate. Hence the cancer.

The meat industry has fought to suppress this truth just as the tobacco industry fought to suppress the truth about cigarettes and lung cancer.

And the medical profession has ignored this truth. Indeed, doctors now try to prevent breast cancer by removing healthy breasts.

Why donít doctors simply advise susceptible or worried women to stop eating meat?

Simpler and safer.

But how can you make money out of telling women to change their eating habits?

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