News The BBC Probably Didn't Bring You (Vol 4)

Vernon Coleman

Here are more bits and pieces of news which you probably didn't hear on the BBC. Or, indeed, read about in any mainstream publications.

1. It isn't only European countries which are merging. There are serious plans afoot to merge the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. This plan is now well-developed. America will use the merger to steal Canada's oil and gas resources. (A common energy policy is planned.)

2. More than 50% of Americans now believe that their Government was responsible for the attack on 11/9 in 2001. This means that George W Bush's version of events is now the `conspiracy theory'. And more than 50% of Americans want Bush impeached.

3. New evidence suggests that dyslexic drivers are more dangerous than drunks. People with dyslexia are as dangerous behind the wheel as people who have drunk several pints of beer. Dyslexia can make people up to 30% slower than normal to react when driving, according to scientists in Norway. The scientists found that the delay in response time is three times longer than in drivers who are just over the legal alcohol limit. Other studies have shown that dyslexia affects the parts of the brain which process sensory information and this can have a negative impact on coordination and reaction.

4. The American Government can't be trusted with information. Between January 2003 and October 2006, 19 federal agencies experienced security breaches with 788 separate instances of confidential data being stolen or lost. Data losses occur through the theft of portable computers, drives and disks and the unauthorised use of data by employees. Information loss has now become a government wide occurrence. Agencies that admitted multiple incidents include the Department of Homeland Security and the Internal Revenue Service. Every breach provides thieves with a treasure trove of sensitive data - vital for terrorists and ID thieves. This happens in the UK too. When you give private information to a government department (such as the hospital service or the inland revenue) you might as well write the information on a wall.

5. America is now 53rd on the Reporters Without Borders annual index of press freedom. This puts the USA on a par with Croatia, Tonga and Botswana. There has been an increase in the number of searches of journalists' homes and media offices in other countries too.

6. A British woman complained that a man was trying to touch her. She caught him and called the police. He got off by complaining that he was only trying to steal her handbag.

7. Iran is still the target for 2007. Israel didn't attack last autumn because of the American senate elections. But if America doesn't move in within months it seems likely that the Israelis will.

8. The Government is losing around 2.5 billion a year through emigration. If 500,000 Brits leave the country each year and they would have each paid 5,000 in tax it isn't difficult to work out the cost to the Government. And this, remember, is annual and cumulative. It's another reason why tax rates keep rising.

9. Blair's Government is designed to provide work for the Labour Party faithful. When the awful Blunkett was depressed, Blair gave him the Ministry of Pensions to cheer him up. The Department for Communities and Local Government was created to find a job for the indescribable John Prescott.

10. Half the world - three billion people - live on less than two dollars a day. The three richest people in the world have more money than the poorest 48 nations combined. If you have assets of $2,200 you are in the top half of the world's wealthiest people. If you have $61,000 you are in richest 10%. If you have $500,000 of assets you are in richest 1% in the world.

11. The American Government's secret list used to screen airplane passengers for terrorism includes some of the dead alleged 11/9 hijackers and the President of Bolivia.

12. One in six people in the world live in China.

13. The US money supply is growing at approximately 10% a month. That's the effective rate at which the American Government is printing new money and it means that the value of the American dollar is decreasing by that amount every month. Financially, the Americans are stuffed. If they raise interest rates, their crashing housing market will crash even faster. And since many Americans have been living off their houses for years (borrowing money as their home's value rises) the Government daren't risk that. If they cut interest rates the dollar will collapse even faster (and it's gone down against the euro over 10% in the last year alone) and foreign holders of dollars (such as the Chinese) will increase the rate at which they dump them. The end of America is nigh.

14. In America, 72% of serial killers vote for George W.Bush.

15. An alcohol and drug advisory centre in the West Country had a notice in its window saying: `A racist or homophobic incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist or homophobic by the victim or any other person.' OK. I think everything Tony Blair does is racist. So everything he does is racist.

16. According to a British politician, competitions discriminate against the stupid and the unlucky and are therefore unfair.

17. If the USA and the UK had put the money spent on bombing Iraq and Afghanistan into building hospitals and schools in those countries, and in providing a better infrastructure, the people of both countries would be much better off, we would feel better about ourselves and terrorism would be at an end.

18. Political parties are broke because no one really wants them. So let them go. We would all be better off if all MPs and MEPs were independents. We should all fight the proposal to let political parties get their money from taxpayers. Such a move would be disastrous and would perpetuate the three party system.

19. it is surely an infringement of my human rights for binmen and other council employees to forage amidst my rubbish looking to see whether I've put the right stuff in the right bins. And how do we know binmen and council employees won't steal our bank statements and sell our identity? Shred everything you put in your rubbish that can identify you - including envelopes.

20. Blair promised NHS dental care for everyone in Britain. At the last count the official figures showed that 28 million adults and 4 million children in Britain had no access to an NHS dentist.

21. Alexis de Toqueville predicted, early in the history of the new republic America, that democracy would last only until the public realised it could vote largesse to itself from the public treasury. How absolutely right he was.

22. A reader wrote to me recently to report that when she had a private appointment with a consultant she was kept waiting 30 minutes in a crowded, noisy and, rather scruffy and untidy waiting room before being rushed into the consulting room for a hurried ten minute consultation. No one apologised for the fact that she was kept waiting thirty minutes for her appointment. `It reminded me,' she wrote, `of the NHS as it was a decade or so ago.' She is not alone in her observation. The truth is that the NHS has deteriorated to a level which would have been considered utterly unacceptable a decade ago, while private medicine, offering the only alternative and with standards largely set by NHS staff, has drifted downwards too. There is some irony in that it was Blair's New Labour Government, not the Conservatives, which finally destroyed the NHS. It was New labour which put 33 NHS hospitals into private hands through its `private finance initiative' and which has another 45 NHS hospitals ready for conversion to private management. Privatisation of health services through the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) might sound like a good idea but one PFI contractor was recently revealed to have charged the NHS 333 to change a single light fitting in a hospital. (There are no decimal points missing, the sum charged really was three hundred and thirty three pounds.) The contractor subsequently made a profit of 37 million pounds when it sold its stake in the management of a former NHS hospital to a bank.

23. Some BBC programmes paid for by licence payers are available only on satellite or cable or to purchasers of `freeview' boxes. Doesn't this mean that television licence payers are subsidising satellite, cable and freeview viewers - and commercial TV companies?

24. Americans boast about how big their country is. Nah. The forests of Siberia cover one and a third the entire size of the USA.

25. Disabled people are now encouraged to feel dependent and to feel disabled. According to official figures 1 in 5 Brits are disabled! This is bad for the healthy (encouraging many to feel disabled when they really aren't) and bad for the genuinely disabled too. According to pressure groups there are now 11.5 million disabled people in the UK. How come? Well, officially a woman with a heavy shopping bag counts as disabled because she might have difficulty moving about. And people with mild dyslexia are also officially disabled.

26. Doctors have invented a new psychiatric disease. It's called postnuptial depression. And describes the low feeling some people get after marriage. The treatment? Pills, of course.

27. According to a report by the American Accountability Office more than 30,000 travellers have already been mistakenly linked to names on terror watch lists when they crossed a border, were stopped for traffic violations or boarded an aircraft.

28. Passengers who travel to the USA with laptops now risk having them confiscated.

29. George W.Bush has given himself the power to open Americans' mail without a warrant. He (or those working for him) can snoop at your mail whenever they fancy. It has, of course, been known for some time that Bush has a secret electronic eavesdropping programme. There is no privacy or freedom in the USA.

30. The oil price has fallen because Saudi Arabia has increased production (ignoring an OPEC pledge). And Russia is producing at record levels. Result - the world's meagre and rapidly diminishing oil resources are disappearing faster than ever. Could bringing the price down possibly be part of an American plan to wage economic war on Iran? Makes sense.

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