Why BritBox Will Fail

Vernon Coleman

ITV and the BBC have formed something called BritBox which is an attempt to take on the might of Netflix, Disney and Amazon.

Whatever small hope these woefully incompetent organisations might have had has already been buggered by the extraordinary decision to censor the choice of programmes.

Absurdly, it has been decided that Johnny Speight’s marvellous series `Til Death Us Do Part’ will not be shown because it is politically incorrect and might offend snowflakes. (They could, of course, always choose not to watch it.)

Whatever arrogant, silly moo has chosen to try to protect us in this absurd way has, in my view, killed BritBox.

Damned good thing too.

Anything associated with the treacherous and bullying BBC deserves to be a complete failure.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2019