The War on Cancer Patients

Dr Vernon Coleman

The UK claims that it has started yet another war on cancer.

Iíve been writing about medicine for probably longer than anyone else around but I canít work out how many wars on cancer have been declared.

Every few years a politician in search of headlines announces that he is going to start a war of some kind. There have been wars on poverty, austerity, drug use, racism, sexism and most other things you can think of Ė but there have been more wars on cancer than anything else.

And they have all been a total failure.

The UKís latest war on cancer is a cynical lie, of course,

Javid, the UKís Health Secretary and the politician who has started this one, talks of Britain being a world leader in cancer care. There is talk of speeding up the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

All that is, Iím afraid, nothing but a sick joke designed to distract from the way cancer patients have been treated for the last two years Ė and are still being treated now.

Before the covid lockdowns, British cancer survival rates were among the worst in the Western world.

And over the last two years they have deteriorated faster than anywhere else.

The UK Government is now promising a vaccine to cure cancer within ten years.

Itís going to be a wonderful new mRNA vaccine Ė just like the toxic, experimental jab that doesnít stop you getting covid and doesnít stop you spreading it if you do have it. The one that might kill you or injure you for life but which isnít necessary and wonít do you any damned good at all.

No one in history has ever lived in such corrupt times. Politicians canít open their mouths without lying or cheating. Civil servants lie and cheat but are never punished. Charities steal money and share it out among overpaid executives. The police and the judiciary are corrupt. Banks, investment companies and financiers cheat and lie and share out all the loot in obscene bonuses. Quangos and NGOs steal power as well as money. The mainstream media is bent and report lies for big money.

But nothing, nothing in the world is as corrupt as the pharmaceutical industry which has been flogging the mRNA covid jabs and which is, no doubt, now planning a very profitable vaccine to conquer cancer.

The people who work for the drug industry are among the most evil on the planet. They will do anything for money. When they know drugs donít work and do harm they keep selling them. The drug companies are protected from litigation. The employees of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline are traitors to us all. I believe that these awful companies have done more harm to mankind than all the criminals in the world. And yet we are now encouraged to praise the drug companies and to thank them.

The drug company staff members are festooned with honours and awards on top of the massive amounts of money theyíve made from the worldís biggest killing industry. Worse still, when they leave their jobs the former employees move seamlessly into public life around the world.

The utterly senseless and indefensible lockdowns mean that 50,000 cancer diagnoses have been missed in the UK. Thatís the Governmentís figure and I can tell you one thing with certainty. Itís not an exaggeration. If anything itís a dramatic under-estimate. You can probably double it or triple it. Or quadruple it.

Even when they have finally been tested and scanned, the covid fraud means that millions of patients will have to wait years for essential treatment.

They admit that there will soon be 12 to 14 million people on waiting lists.

Patients with cancer will have to wait years for treatment.

And they will die before theyíre treated.

Some war on cancer, eh?

The BMA Ė the patients enemy Ė says that there are already six million people needing medical care. And the backlog is growing.

Compared to pre-covid fraud averages there were 29 million fewer outpatient attendances and 4.2million fewer operations between April 2020 and November 2021.

GPs are failing to see patients and because they donít see them theyíre not referring them. Thousands who go to A&E departments have to wait 12 hours or more for treatment.

The NHS is no longer fit for purpose.

And Javid now announces a war on cancer. Is he stupid or sick in the head?

And thereís more.

As I have previously warned, the masks that millions of people are still wearing mean that cancer rates are going to soar.

Mask wearers have low oxygen levels and that makes them more vulnerable to cancer.

Patients who have cancer but are in remission are far more likely to develop metastases if they wear a mask.

Iíve been screaming about that for many months.

But I bet you havenít heard any of the media doctors mention it, have you?

Masks never did any good. They were always doing more harm than good. If you want to read the science take a look at my free book called `Proof that masks do more harm than goodí. You can download it as a PDF from one of my websites. Itís all the proof anyone needs that masks should have never been worn.

And yet millions of gullible, ignorant people are still wearing the damned things.

And how many new cancers will the mRNA covid jabs create?

How many old cancers will come back because of the jabs?

No one knows because itís an experiment.

And on top of all this, I reported last year that the British medical establishment has said that it wants fewer tests and fewer treatments.

Unbelievably, doctors in the medical establishment claim that too many people are being screened and treated. They say fewer scans and operations will save the planet from non-existent climate change.

But I bet politicians will still have all the tests and operations they need.

And members of the royal family will be scanned and screened and have operations.

And so will members of the medical establishment.

Itís true the Government is planning a war.

But it isnít a war on cancer.

Itís a war on cancer patients and I believe this new UK policy will soon be global.

Itís all part of the plan to kill over 7 billion people and to take us into the Great Reset.

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Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

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