People We Can’t Trust

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I sat down this morning and started compiled a list of all the people we cannot trust these days. Here is my list:

Politicians – lying is now their default state. If a politician says it is Tuesday and sunny then you can pretty well bet that it is Wednesday and raining.

Estate agents – sometimes they tell bald bare-faced lies and sometimes they disguise a lie as the truth and sometimes they use a lie to hide the truth.

Journalists – these days BBC and broadsheet journalists are even more disreputable than tabloid journalists. The truth is distorted to hide inconvenient truths and to protect corporate prejudices.

Tax officials – will do anything (including lie) if they think they may be able to gouge some more tax out of an innocent taxpayer (and therefore win themselves a nice bonus or promotion).

Utility companies – specialise in avoiding the truth rather than straightforward lying but the result is the same: the vulnerable are sold products at the highest possible prices.

Banks – lie about anything and everything in order to make a few more million for executive bonuses.

Doctors – lie about the safety of the tests, medicines and treatments they prescribe. Their lies may often be based on ignorance (or the fact that they have been deceived by drug companies or government officials) but that doesn’t alter the fact that they are lies.

Drug companies – lie about the safety of the products they sell and lie to cover up the harm their products can do.

Food companies – lie about the healthiness of the garbage they sell.

Police – lie in order to trick suspects into confessing to things they haven’t done.

Car dealers – they’ve always told lies and they’re still at it.

Lawyers – lie about everything (that’s why so many become successful politicians)

At this point, realising that I could not see the end, I gave up compiling my list.

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