The Care Home Murders

Dr Vernon Coleman

There is no little irony in the fact that while the UK Government was telling us all to keep away from Granny so that we weren’t responsible for her death, the same Government was introducing policies designed to kill Grannies by the thousand. We were told to save retail. They were killing wholesale.

The deaths that occurred in care homes weren’t accidental. They weren’t the result of the annual flu (rebranded covid-19).

The old people who died were murdered by politicians, administrators and doctors who recklessly put people with the flu among groups of elderly and frail people – the very individuals who are always most susceptible to the flu. And then they seemed surprised when there were many deaths.

Those politicians, administrators and doctors also deliberately withheld medical treatment from old people whose lives could, in many cases, have been saved.

Not all care home managers accepted the Government’s absurd and inhumane instructions.

For example, Major Cunningham, the boss of the Birkdale Park Care Home in Southport, called stories of relatives only being allowed to see their loved ones `abhorrent’.

Major Cunningham (who deserves a peerage for services to his community) ignored the Government’s mindless, cruel regulations and allowed visitors, brought entertainers and hairdressers into the home and took residents out in rickshaws.

I have no doubt that trolls, shills and ignorant, mean-spirited morons will have reported the good Major to the Care Quality Commission (an organisation in search of a purpose if ever there was one) and probably to the local council too.

Excuse my frankness, but may those who did so all rot in hell.

How reckless was it to ignore the Government’s lockdown orders?

Well, it turns out that it wasn’t reckless at all.

There were only two cases of covid-19 in the good Major’s care home in the last 12 months.

And, given the fake testing programme introduced by the Government, that’s not far short of a miracle.

Congratulations to Major Cunningham – soon to be Lord Cunningham I hope.

Congratulations, too, to Sonia Poulton whose emotional and powerful interview with Jane Smith on exposed the way elderly folk have been treated during the last year.

Sonia Poulton’s video, entitled Cruelty of Elderly in Care – Jane Smith’s Horrifying Story describes the inhumane way that thousands of older folk have been treated by the Government, administrators, councils, busy bodies and thousands of care home owners and managers.

Jane Smith, who is a former NHS pharmacist, has set up a group called Unlock Care Homes. The group has a Facebook page, though given Facebook’s disgraceful enthusiasm for censoring and removing content which tells the truth about what is happening in our world, I don’t know how long it will last.

Jane is currently allowed to see her mother for just one hour a week – and she considers herself to be `lucky’. (Until her mother was labelled `end of life’, Jane was limited to twenty minutes every fortnight.)

Some care home residents haven’t been allowed to see their families for over a year. Young people living in care homes have also not been allowed to see their families. As a result, many patients fear (wrongly) that they have been abandoned by their families. Their suffering is immeasurable.

Now, I recognise that the few thousand politicians, administrators and leading members of the medical profession who are currently ruining the country are all power and money crazed psychopaths (who ought to be hung, drawn and quartered and then hung drawn and quartered again just to make sure) but what the hell are the people of Britain doing, allowing this sort of mindless cruelty?

As I have explained a thousand times or more, the coronavirus which causes covid-19 is the annual flu bug. It was officially designated no more harmful than the flu bug (the evidence is on this website) and its potency has been wildly exaggerated for political reasons. Covid-19 kills no more people than the flu. Every doctor in the world who can read knows that. The mortality figures have been fiddled (for example, if someone dies within 28 days of a positive covid test, they are automatically put down as a covid death even if they died of a heart attack or a stroke) and politicians, advisors and doctors have lied about everything. Flu can kill up to 650,000 people a year worldwide in a flu season. Instead of counting the covid-19 death figures in the same way that the annual flu is usually counted, they are rolling the figures to make the death toll seem as scary as possible.

Sonia Poulton reports that Jane Smith’s mother has dementia, cannot see, cannot hear and cannot talk very well. She also has an aortic aneurism which could burst at any moment. And yet Jane Smith is only allowed to see her mother for one hour a week. One hour in every one hundred and sixty eight. I bet Prince Philip wasn’t limited to visitors for one hour a week.

Families should threaten to take legal action.

I cannot think of any medical reason for imprisoning care home residents in this wicked way.

It’s time we stood up for people who cannot stand up for themselves.

Please don’t forget to watch Sonia Poulton’s excellent

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 24rd 2021

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