Cat Books

What readers say about Vernon Coleman's cat books:

`I think I have all Vernon Coleman's cat books. I get so much from these books. They make me laugh and also bring tears to my eyes. The lovely drawings capture the antics of cats perfectly.' - M.P., Devon

`Vernon Coleman is a wonderful writer and, as a cat lover also, I find them informative and hilarious.' - Mrs J.C., Gloucestershire

`I had to put down We Love Cats at page 58. I have a bad back and can't laugh so much. I'll try again tomorrow. Thank you.' - J.P., Birmingham

`Thank you for writing such lovely books with the help of dear Alice.' - M.P.

`I enjoyed We Love Cats. I love your funny drawings.' - S.W.

`Oh how I love your books about Alice! I bought them all and shall re-read them many really are a wonderful writer.' - M.V., Belgium

`I have been reading your book with pleasure and amusement and now feel warm all over.' - S.B.

`Just a note to say how much I've liked my recent books, especially The Secret Lives of Cats.' - Mrs O.S., Hants

`Thank you for sending me the cat books by Vernon Coleman which I ordered from you. I am very pleased with these and would like five more copies of the Cats' Own Annual please - all signed by Vernon Coleman please. I think this is a really lovely and informative book for Uprights with cats. My four cats totally agree with me.' - T.B.C., Birmingham

`I discovered your website as I am a cat lover. A friend of mine got Alice's Diary for a present and showed it to me. I thought it was super so I ordered it (and Alice's Adventures) for myself. The website is fantastic and informative.' - L.B., by e-mail

Alice's Diary

`One of the most delightful cat books in the world.' - Mrs M.R., Australia

`I bought a copy of Alice's Diary for my daughter for Christmas. I just had to read it when it came, and couldn't put it down. It was the loveliest book I'd read for a very long time, and as a good friend of mine is, like me, a cat lover, I'm buying a copy for her too. Please let Alice know!' - Mrs C G-W, Yorkshire

`I am delighted with Alice's Diary. I must have Alice's Adventures.' - V.H., Grimsby

`Alice's Diary is one of the nicest books I have ever read. She has wonderful insight.' - Mrs J. London

`I felt I must put paw to paper and say how very much my human and myself have enjoyed your Diary.' - The W. family in West Sussex.

`Please send copies of Alice's Diary to the 11 friends on the accompanying list. It is a wonderful book which will give them all great pleasure.' - Mr R., Lancashire

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Alice's Adventures

`My friend received a copy of Alice's Adventures a month ago and has not stopped laughing since.' - J.S.

` far as Alice's Diary and Alice's Adventures are concerned, nothing would persuade me to part with my copies of these two books for I have had hours of delight in reading them.' - Miss W., Cheshire

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Alice and Other Friends

Charming, touching and intensely personal, this book is packed with stories, anecdotes and reminiscences about Alice and the many other creatures Vernon Coleman has met, known and lived with. There are many stories about Vernon's four pet sheep. The book is liberally and beautifully illustrated with numerous line drawings by the author.

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We Love Cats

A real celebration of cats. Packed with humour and insight into the way cats think, behave and quietly run our lives. We Love Cats contains over 100 new and original squiggly Vernon Coleman drawings plus loads of poems, limericks and amazing facts about cats. We Love Cats will make a superb gift for any cat or animal lover. But, be warned: if you buy one you won't want to give it away.

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Cat Tales

`Cats have always played a big part in my life. This collection of anecdotes, essays and memories describes some of the cats I have known, some of the ways in which they have affected my life and some of the ways in which they have affected the lives of others.' - Vernon Coleman

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Cat Fables

`Containing 30 delightful stories about cats, each with a moral end. Cat Fables is another classic gem from writer Vernon Coleman. The book, with its trademark yellow cover, is illustrated with catoons.' - Your Cat

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Catoons from Catland

A collection of over 100 brand new catoons from Vernon Coleman. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a Vernon Coleman cat book will love this book.

`A good choice to take on holiday as an entertaining treat' - Cats Protection League

`Guaranteed to raise a smile.' - Cat Care

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