Eight Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Catching A Cold Or Flu

by Dr Vernon Coleman and Donna Antoinette Coleman

1. Wear warm clothes when you go out. Hats, scarves and gloves are vital weapons against cold weather.

2. If you have central heating which dries the air put bowls of water near to radiators to help keep the air moist.

3. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to build up your immune system.

4. Eat garlic - or take daily garlic tablets. Garlic contains antiseptic properties which help fight off infection. If you're worried about the smell garlic gives off, you can buy odourless garlic tablets from any good health store.

5. Make sure that your diet contains an adequate supply of zinc.

6. Do not touch your eyes without having washed your hands first. (Cold germs often get into the body through the eyes.)

7. Wash your hands after coming into contact with people who have colds or flu as the germs can live on hands.

8. If you are really determined to avoid getting the flu or a cold, maybe because you have an important meeting or engagement coming up, or you need to visit a friend or relative who is frail, then stay away from places where there are likely to be lots of people, and don't go to your doctor's surgery unless you really have to.

Copyright Vernon Coleman and Donna Antoinette Coleman 2005

Taken from Health Secrets Doctors Share With Their Families by Vernon Coleman & Donna Antoinette Coleman, published by the European Medical Journal at 12.99 and available from the bookshop on this website and from all good bookshops everywhere.