The Cause of Cancer

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I believe that cancer often develops because the body is weakened and badly damaged. (Although the owner of the body may not be aware of this. Many people who have been under stress and overexposed to toxins for long periods succeed in suppressing and ignoring the physical and mental signs of distress. They don’t feel ‘well’ but they don’t feel ‘ill’ either – until, one day, a lump is found or an unmistakeable symptom of cancer appears.)

Because of the accumulated stresses, the immune system doesn’t work properly and so the toxic chemicals and other irritants which have collected in the body trigger off the development of a cancer.

Where do the toxins and irritants come from?

There is pretty convincing evidence showing that tobacco and toxin-contaminated food (particularly meat) are by far the two biggest causes of cancer. (It is, I believe, because they eat more than their fair share of contaminated food and have toxin-rich fat deposits that overweight individuals are more prone to cancer). Other possible irritants include radiation, polluted air and water, alcohol, drugs, toxins in household and industrial chemicals and electrical fields.

If you don’t want to get cancer – or you have cancer and you want to get rid of it – then I believe that the answer is clear: you must reduce your intake of and exposure to toxins and build up your immune system so that it can work harder to defend your body. With an immune system working well you will be less likely to develop cancer.

And if you develop cancer then it is my belief that your body will be better able to destroy the cancer if you improve the efficiency of your immune system and reduce your exposure to toxins.

The importance and vulnerability of the body’s immune system cannot be exaggerated. I believe that it is because they overwork their bodies and damage their immune systems that many top international athletes often suffer so much from illness – and tend to die earlier than non athletes. There is a huge difference between fitness and good health.

Sadly, I rather doubt if the medical establishment will ever support this approach for it is an approach to cancer which offers little or nothing in the way of profit to the shareholders and employees of large international companies.

And our existing sad and ineffectual politicians, beholden to big business, will continue to support the cancer industry and for the foreseeable future the official answer to cancer is likely to remain the same as it is at the moment: blast the body with toxic chemicals in the hope that these will kill the cancer tissue.

Ironically, the medical establishment, committed as it is to supporting the pharmaceutical industry and the cancer industry, seems unlikely or unwilling to recognise that the other effect of this approach is to damage the immune system, weaken the body and make the organs and tissues within the body more vulnerable not only to the existing cancer but to the development of new cancers too.

Taken from Superbody by Vernon Coleman, available as an eBook and a paperback on Amazon.

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