I Know (and can prove) what is causing Sudden Death Syndrome

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

The mainstream media is still confused about what is causing all the sudden deaths. Thousands and thousands of previously healthy individuals have suddenly dropped dead in the last year. Media doctors and politicians seem confused.

Well, there is no confusion.

I know exactly what is causing all the sudden deaths.

And I can prove what is causing all the sudden deaths.

(Readers of this article will also know, of course.)

If the mainstream media really want the answer, just get in touch.

And I’ll explain it all, with facts and figures, on a live, network TV show.

The odd thing is, of course, that they won’t let me on any live TV show.

Because they are terrified of the effect the truth will have on the millions who have been jabbed with the covid-19 vaccine.

And so they’ll all carry on claiming that all those sudden deaths are caused by too many people eating marmalade/reading newspapers/suffering from imaginary long covid/not cutting their hair often enough/blah blah blah.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023