Leavers v Remainers: Chalk and Cheese

Vernon Coleman

Leavers and Remainers are different in every way.

Those who voted to leave the EU did so not out of self-interest but out of principle. They wanted to leave the EU because they value freedom and democracy. They wanted to live in a country where the laws, borders and trade were controlled domestically and in a democratic way.

Those who voted to remain in the EU did so for entirely selfish reasons. They wanted to stay in the EU because they (stupidly) feared that if Britain left they might not be able to buy French cheese or go skiing in the Alps.

Iíve been taking a look at those who believe in Brexit and those who donít. There are clear differences between the two groups. Here they are:

Leavers are intelligent but Remainers are stupid
Leavers are mature but Remainers are childish
Leavers are honest but Remainers are deceitful
Leavers are loyal but Remainers are faithless
Leavers are generous but Remainers are mean
Leavers are patriotic but Remainers are treacherous
Leavers are imaginative but Remainers are dull
Leavers are hard-working but Remainers are idle
Leavers are independent but Remainers feel `entitledí
Leavers are constant but Remainers are fickle

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019

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