Dr Vernon Coleman

I donít think Dr Hilary Jones would object to my saying that he is a keen supporter of the covid-19 jab and, indeed, the UK Governmentís position on covid-19.

I certainly donít mind my saying that I have vehemently opposed the Government line since February 2020. And I believe the covid-19 jab programme was never necessary, is not safe and should be stopped. I contend that covid-19 is nothing more than a rebranded flu. The covid-19 jab is unnecessary and will do more harm than good. Ď

I have tried for 18 months to persuade Dr Whitty or one of the Governmentís other advisors to debate the issue with me on live television.


So, here is a challenge to Dr Jones.

Debate the covid-19 situation with me live on network television in a 30 minute programme (so that it doesnít just sound like an exchange of sound bites) and we will invite the public to vote afterwards to decide the winner.

Dr Jones will know that he has a huge advantage. He appears on national television every twenty minutes or so whereas Iíve been banned from all mainstream television since the day after John Logie Baird ran into the kitchen shouting `Iíve invented television!í

Despite this advantage, I suspect that Dr Jones will follow Dr Whittyís example and decline the challenge.

I donít know why. I have just have a feeling.

Maybe heíll worry that Iíll take him in the second and endanger the knighthood that Downing Street is doubtless already getting ready for him.

`Arise Sir Hilaryí, will be replaced by `Bugger off you fool. Look what youíve done. No one wants our lovely jabby things now.í

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021