Challenge to the BBC, ITV and SKY

Dr Vernon Coleman

The mainstream media claims to discuss each side of every argument.

But, although they allow pro-vax scientists to have massive amounts of airtime on their channels they refuse to allow any scientist questioning vaccination to have equal time and to debate with the vaccine supporters .

Here’s the challenge to the BBC.

Let me debate, live, with Dr Whitty, Sir Patrick Vallance or any number of scientists from SAGE. If the whole of SAGE wants to come into the studio that’s fine. But the programme must be live so that it cannot be edited.

I will prove that covid was never more serious than the flu, that the measures taken over the last two years (such as the lockdowns) did far more harm than good, and that the covid jabs were never necessary and are neither effective nor safe.

Does any mainstream producer anywhere in Britain have the guts to set up such a debate?

They know it would bring in massive numbers of viewers or listeners.

Or are they all cowards – afraid to set up such a debate because they know that the establishment spokespeople would be embarrassed and humiliated in public? And that the covid fraud would be exposed as a big lie.

NOTE: Please share this challenge widely.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

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