England Must Leave The EU And Declare Independence If It Is To Have A Chance Of Surviving

Vernon Coleman

England is about to disappear. It already no longer exists except as a memory. England was the only team in the recent football World Cup which didn't represent a nation state.

Look up England in the Encyclopedia Britannica and you'll find these words: `Despite the political, economic, and cultural legacy that has perpetuated its name...England no longer officially exists as a country.'

As citizens, all that we inherit of real value is our cultural and spiritual heritage. And yet the English are now almost the only ethnic group in the world to have been deprived of their identity without a gun being fired. The denial of England, and Englishness, is turning the English into stateless persons. It is silent, bloodless ethnic cleansing. It's no exaggeration to say that it's genocide without the blood.

The basic reason for this is simple.

The EU intends to turn the United Kingdom into 12 regions. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will still exist as identified regions - though their so-called Parliaments are, in reality, merely Regional Assemblies of the European Union.

England, on the other hand, is being split up into nine regions. Each already has a Regional Assembly - under the authority of Brussels. Eight of the Regional Assemblies are entirely unelected. The members are appointed by the Labour Government. The ninth Regional Assembly is better known as the London Assembly - under Ken Livingstone. It's the only one of the nine which has members who have been elected.

All nine Regional Assemblies were set up under the Regional Development Agencies Act 1998. Their names are:

London Assembly
East of England Regional Assembly
East Midlands Regional Assembly
North East Assembly
North West Regional Assembly
South East England Regional Assembly
South West Regional Assembly
West Midlands Regional Assembly
Yorkshire and Humber Assembly

In 2002, Blair's Government published a White paper called `Your Region, Your choice'. They announced that they would allow the voters in each region to approve of the Regional Assemblies they'd all got. But the Government got cold feet and only went ahead with one vote. It was a disaster for the Government and the European Union. In November 2004, the people of the North East - who thought they were deciding whether or not to have a Regional Assembly - rejected the idea by 696,519 votes to 197,310. What they didn't realise was that they'd already got what they'd rejected.

But despite this clear rejection of the idea, all eight unelected Regional Assemblies - including the North East - are still in place. And they are the regional representatives of the European Union. These utterly unelected and undemocratic bodies make very real decisions about how our lives are run. That's all we know. The whole thing is very secretive.

You can, however, find the addresses through the Internet. And you can find signs of their existence through occasional job advertisements in the Guardian. For example, just a few minutes ago I found that the North East Assembly is advertising for a Sustainability Manager at 40,000 a year `to work closely with local authorities and key partner organisations within the Region, to develop all aspects of this work, respond to consultations, lobby for changes and commission research.' That's working for the North East Assembly which the people of the North East roundly rejected. The address of the North East Assembly - the one the people of the North East rejected - is The Guildhall, Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 3AF. The phone number is 0845 673 3343 and the email address is enquiries@northeastassembly.gov.uk

Because it is the EU's plan to get rid of England and to replace the House of Commons with these nine regional parliaments they are doing everything they can to destroy England as a nation.

You can advertise for a Scottish employee but it's racist to advertise for an English employee. Census forms and questionnaires published by the Government don't give people the chance to describe themselves as English. You can be Welsh or Chinese or Australian. But you can't be English. People have been told that they must not fly the English flag. Using traditional English measures - such as pounds and ounces - is now illegal. (Though I'm delighted to say that I'm now selling some of my books by imperial weights. My book England Our England costs 26 a pound and my book The Truth They Won't Tell You About The EU is 15 a pound. I invite Trading Standards officers to arrest me if they like. The East Kent Mercury reported the other day that crossing the channel will soon no longer be classed as a trip abroad by the EU. The English Channel won't be the English channel. It will become a maritime space controlled by the EU. Lloyds List shipping newspaper says it's a sinister move that should be resisted. In 2007, the Scottish economist Adam Smith is going to appear on the English 20 note. The first time a Scot has ever appeared on a Bank of England note. Sports fans will have noticed that a growing number of England cricket, football and rugby matches are no longer shown on the BBC - despite promises that national matches would be shown on terrestrial television.

Neither the Scots nor the Welsh give a damn about all this. The Scots don't usually fly Union flags. They think they're going to be independent countries soon. They've been conned into thinking that their Assemblies put them just one step away from being separate countries. They want to break up the union. Sadly, they've been tricked. They're just parts of the EU and that's all that will be.

There's a campaign now to have an English Parliament. It's a start - though it will never happen because neither the Government nor the EU can allow it happen. They're solidly committed to the nine regions replacing England.

The only way that England will be saved will be for the English to insist that England leaves the EU and reverts to being an independent nation state. That's the only answer. And we can do it. If Scotland and Wales want to remain as European regions as they seem to want to do, then we'll have to let them.

The United Kingdom is doomed and beyond help.

There's just a slim, slim hope that England can be saved.

Copyright Vernon Coleman - November 16th 2006