The Climate Change Myth

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I used to be a passionate believer in climate change. I was writing about it when it was called global warming several decades ago, and being widely vilified for it – probably by the same people who are now enthusiastic `believers’. In those days people were worried about the ozone layer and greenhouse gases.

Even then the whole issue wasn’t new. Climate change was first written about by a Swede called Svante Arrhenius in 1896. He predicted that fossil fuel emissions might delay the onset of another ice age.

I have, during my life, studied many medical and scientific controversies and tried to analyse the truths and see through the lies, the deceptions and the politically convenient half-truths.

As a scientist I have absolutely no doubt that the climate change scare, and the argument that if the climate is changing it is a man-made phenomenon, have no more truth behind it than the AIDS scare which was promoted with such enthusiasm in the 1990s.

The climate change myth makers are part of a huge and profitable industry and most of those promoting the myth have a vested interest in its survival and its growth. There are books to be sold, television programmes to be made, conferences to organise and billions to be made out of building wind farms and solar farms.

Despite the absence of any evidence, the climate change nonsense is widely supported. The British Government’s Department of Energy has even changed its name to the Department of Energy and Climate Change and has its new name expensively installed outside the front door.

The leading advocates of climate change include the adorably potty and naďve meat eating Prince Charles, who has forecast that the world will end in 2017; a fading pop singer; a dressmaker; the sanctimonious tax avoiding hypocrite Bonio and what seems like the entire editorial staff of the BBC, who seem happy to give airtime to any minor celebrity or pseudo-scientist who is prepared to enthuse about the dangers of climate change while denying any airtime at all to scientists who bravely refuse to follow the official BBC line.

Climate change enthusiasts have promoted their cause by flying around the world to hold meetings, by throwing bombs at policemen, by holding demonstrations designed to block the traffic and pollute the air and by forging documents purporting to give their spurious arguments some sort of a scientific basis.

The whole global warming fiasco is marked by smug, self-righteous, ignorant celebrities who are delighted by their own certainty and the knowledge that whatever constraints are introduced will not apply to them. I would be more impressed by their earnestness if Prince Charles and Bonio vowed to fly no more and to turn their aeroplanes into tractors.

Despite all this hot air, the evidence supporting the climate change argument is thinner and weaker than a wet tissue. The global temperature (as measured by satellite) really hasn’t risen (though climate change propagandists have tried to ‘adjust’ the figures to show that it has). In the old days that used to be called ‘cheating’ or ‘fiddling the results’.

The computer modelled predictions which are regularly used to frighten us all have been shown to be plain, old-fashioned wrong.

Polar bear populations recently reached a 50 year high and the amount of ice in Antarctica is growing. These are facts which don’t fit the hoax being perpetrated by the climate change conspiracy theorists but they are facts nevertheless.

And the perhaps rather surprising fact is that the IPCC’s last Assessment Report concluded that there really isn’t any evidence supporting the theory that climate change has led to an increase in extreme weather events.

In Britain, the climate change fanatics blame flooding on climate change and regard the fact that the nation has for decades been building approximately 10% of its new houses on flood plains as a simply inconvenient truth. They also regard the fact that councils have failed to unblock drains or dredge rivers as irrelevant and unsuitable for their purposes. And flooding, they believe, has absolutely nothing to do with the draining of peat bogs (nature’s natural reservoirs) or the enthusiasm of farmers for chopping down every tree they can possibly find cluttering up their land.

Meanwhile, it seems that those who are most vocal in warning us all that we must not fly, drive our cars or heat our homes are the ones who spend much of their lives in their aeroplanes or their expensive limousines and when they aren’t moving about the planet they are relaxing in one of their many luxurious, well-heated homes.

The climate change mythologists ignore the considerable downside. Millions of people have suffered (and are still suffering) because of the ill-based exhortations of the climate change mythologists. Poor people, and those in developing countries, are the ones who are suffering the most.

Worryingly, there are now very serious attempts afoot to make it just as illegal even to question climate change as it is to question the holocaust.

Those who dare to question the idea of man-made climate change affecting our lives are dismissed as ‘climate change deniers’ in the same way that those who question the accepted truths about the holocaust are branded holocaust deniers.

I would respectfully point out that I don’t believe that there is a climate change believer in the world who has a better track record at reading scientific truths than I have.

Over the years I have spotted numerous problems ahead of the pack, and made a good many predictions which have turned out to be accurate.

But in the modern world it is not enough to be right. It is more important to be on the right side of the argument; the politically correct, politically acceptable side.

Today, many of the people who sneered at what I said about global warming in the 1990s have become staunch believers, holders of the orthodox faith.

In the early days there did seem to be a real chance that global warming would prove to be a huge problem. But the evidence supporting the theory has evaporated, if it ever truly existed, and today the argument for climate change is a spurious one, unsupported by serious science.

Taken from The Return of the Disgruntled Man by Vernon Coleman (available on Amazon)

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2016