Covid Jabs Could Cause Serious Health Issues among the CHILDREN of the Jabbed

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

People who don’t know much about prescription drugs (and that includes most doctors and all journalists) do not believe that any drug can have an effect on the children of people who have taken a drug.

But I can prove that drugs CAN affect another generation.

Read this short extract which is taken from my book `The Medicine Men’ – which was published in 1975. The book was serialised in The Guardian and the subject of a programme on BBC TV.

`Over eighty cases of vaginal cancer in young women have been attributed in America to the use by their mothers of oestrogens during pregnancy. The women were given doses of at least 25mg of stilboestrol daily.’

`The disorder was first noted when it became apparent that there was an epidemic of vaginal cancer, a rare disease usually only found in women over the age of 50. Simple detective work showed that all the girls’ mothers had taken stilboestrol during a difficult pregnancy when it was at one time feared that without the oestrogen they would lose their babies.’

`The women who developed vaginal cancer had not taken any drugs. Their mothers had taken oestrogens some fifteen or more years previously. Doctors are now wondering what other drugs are likely to have such long-lasting effects on another generation.’

Will the covid jabs have an effect on the children of those who were jabbed?

I don’t know.

But no one else knows either.

The covid-19 jabs are experimental.

And with experimental drugs anything can happen.

That’s why experimental drugs are usually prescribed with caution for some years.

Those who claim that the speedy development and production of covid-19 jabs was a significant breakthrough in medicine should understand the massive risks they are taking – not just with those who are jabbed but with the children of the millions who were injected in such a cavalier and careless fashion.

What could happen to the children of those jabbed?

Huge numbers of them could be infertile.

Huge numbers of them could develop cancer.

Huge numbers of them could have genetic malformations.

Anyone who doubts me should re-read that short extract from my 1975 book `The Medicine Men’.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2022

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