Chips under Your Skin

Dr Vernon Coleman

The conspirators and globalists have been planning their attack on our freedom and humanity for a long time. Please read the following paragraphs. They are taken from my book `Living in a Fascist Country’ which was published in 2006. These paragraphs refer to the proposed introduction of ID cards – proposed, of course, by Tony Bliar’s Government.

`And here's another thought that should make you go cold inside. The proponents of ID cards are already suggesting that we have identity chips implanted under our skin. `This would have made it easier to identify bodies after the tsunami,' they announced, with breath taking bad taste.

`Embedding chips under skin is much better than a tattoo,' said an enthusiast. `We can get more information on an embedded chip than can be put on a tattoo.'

Would you be happy for the Government to tattoo you with a number? What about a chip?

The Government also wants to control store cards. They want to know how much money you've got, what you buy and where you buy it. They want to have a monopoly over information about you.

You think this is all science fiction?

Read on.

A night club in Barcelona called the Baja Beach Club has members who have implanted microchips the size of a grain of rice in their arms. When the members with the implanted microchips arrive at the club a doorman runs a scanner over his arm, checks his name and photograph and lets him in. Inside the club waitresses run another scanner over his arm every time he orders a drink.

It isn't new, of course. I've been writing about implanted microchips for years. The technology was first used in the early 1980s when small transmitters were put into the backs of roaming farm animals so that farmers could keep track of them. Just about a decade later office workers were using radio frequency identification device technology to enter company buildings and to access high security areas. And, of course, many pets have tracking devices implanted under their skin so that they can identified and returned home if they stray, get lost or are stolen.

In 2001 an American company started developing the idea of chips which could be implanted in humans - both to help track people who had got lost or who weren't where they should be and to provide identification material together with medical records. Fundamental Christians pointed out that this was the `end of days' since the Bible prophesies that there will come a time when people will have numbers under their flesh. (It's in the Book of Revelations.)

The FDA initially warned that there could be problems with these implantable chips. They might migrate and end up elsewhere in the body; the patient might have an adverse reaction and, in the worst possible scenario, the chip might produce an adverse reaction and be difficult to locate and remove.

And there are two other problems, one big and one massive. The big problem is that hackers could steal your identification number from under your skin and then hack into the computer company's database. Those who promote this scheme say this risk is slight. But maybe they don't know that hackers seem to have successfully penetrated every computer system in the world - including those operated by the American military which does, so I'm told, make something of an effort to stop this happening.

The massive problem is that your government or employer or bank might one day insist that you wear an implantable device so that they can keep an eye on where you and what you are doing. They will, of course, sell it as an advantage to you - in the same way that speed cameras are called safety cameras.

The implantable chip isn't science fiction: it’s real.

The world's first implantable radiofrequency identification microchip for human use (RFID) has now been cleared by the American Food and Drug Administration.

The chip system consists of an implantable microtransponder, an inserter, a hand held scanner and a database containing information about the person in whom the chip is inserted.

The chip cannot be seen by the human eye but contains a 16 digit verification number that is picked up when the scanner is passed over the site. The number leads the scanner operator to a database on the Internet. The operator can then get access to whatever information is stored on the internet site. Implantable constantly broadcasting microchips, inserted under the skin, are being used so that the American Government can keep track of its employees and soldiers. The plan is to use them to keep track of visitors to America. You have been warned.

And then, of course, there is another question. Just who do you think are the really bad guys?

When defending their plan for ID cards New Labour promised that everyone in the country would wear an electronic tag.

The reason?

To protect us from terrorists and criminals, of course.

We should all fear the introduction of identity cards and we should all refuse to have anything to do with them. If ID cards are introduced it will be the crooks and the fraudsters who will benefit most and the honest citizens who will lose most. Terrorists and criminals will find that fraudulent ID cards (easily obtained) will provide them with a veneer of respectability. The feelings of distrust which will rise among the honest public as officials abuse their power will mean that cooperation with the authorities will deteriorate still further. Petty officiousness and heavy handed behaviour by thugs with authority will destroy any remaining trust and faith in the police and the system. All this has happened every time ID cards have been introduced. And if you doubt my claim that thugs with power will abuse it, just remember what happened to Walter Wolfgang at the Labour Party Conference in 2005. Resentment and anger will thrive.

ID cards bring with them the assumption of guilt (rather than the presumption of innocence), they bring state interference and take away individual freedom, they bring coercion and remove consent.

Decent, upstanding citizens may believe that they have nothing to fear from ID cards. But they are wrong. And when they discover that they are wrong it will be too late to do anything about it. If he has never protested or been a member of any protest group, the honest citizen may not have experienced the way policing is managed already and he may not fear that he will be harassed by the police simply for going about his lawful business. But when the state is run by and for villains and extremists it is only the villains and the extremists who will thrive. When the police are hated rather than supported, when harassment is commonplace, then it will be the law-abiding who will have most to fear. The bottom line is scary: Identity cards will make your identity easier to steal. Some protestors are threatening to disrupt the ID card system by crossing their eyes in front of iris scanners. Others intend to claim that they have undergone a religious conversion and insist on wearing burqas which will hide their faces. Burqas are traditionally worn by women but it would clearly be sexual discrimination not to allow men to wear them too. That's really naughty of them.’

Taken from `Living in a Fascist Country’ by Vernon Coleman, first published in 2006. At the time the main stream media scoffed and many people laughed. There is less scoffing and laughing now. `Living in a Fascist Country’ is available through the bookshops on and

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