Christmas Books!

Dr Vernon Coleman

You may perhaps have noticed that my books don’t get reviewed or written about in the mainstream media anymore. And, naturally, I no longer get interviewed about them. Plus I’m banned or censored by most of the internet. Oh, and no one will take adverts for my books either.

So if I want anyone to read them I have to tell you about them myself.

If you’re thinking of buying books as presents this Christmas might I make a few suggestions?


The Young Country Doctor
There are fifteen books in this series about a young doctor starting out in general practice in an English village called Bilbury. (It’s in Devon by the sea). The books are set in the 1970s and the village is the sort of place where no one locks their door and everyone keeps warm with log fires in winter. There’s a pub called the Duck and Puddle and a host of regular characters. And, as you can imagine, the doc has to deal with a range of unusual medical problems.

Mrs Caldicot
There are four novels about Mrs Caldicot. The first book is called `Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War (which was turned into a very successful, award winning movie starring Pauline Collins as Mrs Caldicot).Mrs Caldicot is downtrodden and bullied. Her husband dies and her son puts her into a nursing home. Mrs Caldicot rebels and leads a revolution. That’s the story in a nutshell. The other books are `Mrs Caldicot’s Knickerbocker Glory’ (when Mrs Caldicot runs her own nursing home), `Mrs Caldicot’s Oyster Parade’ (when Mrs Caldicot and Co have adventures in Paris) and `Mrs Caldicot’s Turkish Delight (Mrs Caldicot buys and runs a pier).

Dr Bullock’s Annals
Vernon Coleman’s latest novel is about a young GP’s adventures. The book is set in Victorian England. It’s historically accurate and full of rollicking surprises. Probably not suitable for nervous maiden aunts.


Vernon Coleman has written three volumes of autobiography. These are titled: `Memories 1’, `Memories 2’ and `Memories 3’. There are plans for a fourth book but Vernon hasn’t decided on the title yet.

Vernon Coleman has published seven diaries. The titles (in order) are: `Diary of a Disgruntled Man’, `Just Another Bloody Year’, `Bugger off and Leave me Alone’, `Return of the Disgruntled Man’, `Life on the Edge’, `The Game’s Afoot’ and `Tickety Tonk’.

I hope you have a Happy Christmas whether you buy one of my books or not. But if you do buy one of my books we’ll both have a better Christmas.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2022

P.S. Why on earth have I put a copyright line on what is, let’ face it, an advert? Habit. I write for a living and I’ve always put a copyright line on everything I’ve ever written. It’s also a neat way to end the page.