BBC Bans Climate Change Advocates from all Programmes

Dr Vernon Coleman

Can you imagine the fuss if such a headline were true – and the BBC announced that it didn’t allow climate change nutters on its programmes because they were spreading dangerous misinformation?

But the BBC SHOULD ban all climate change nutters from the airwaves.

For years now they have been spreading misinformation and fear and refusing to debate with people with brains. They know that there is no science behind their gibberish.

Twenty thousand insane, lefty luvvies, all committed global warming cultists and handmaidens for the conspirators, would go berserk if the BBC banned them publicity. (These are the 20,000 nutters who fly around the world at regular intervals to attend conferences in lovely places.)

And yet the predictions the global warming cultists make are pulled out of thin air and have about as much science behind them as the absurd and toxic covid-19 jab.

The following quote is taken (with permission) from `Greta’s Homework’ by Zina Cohen:

`Some of these merry doomsters are relatively cautious and merely claim that our planet will be unliveable within a generation. Others are far more specific. Greta Thunberg recently announced that we had eight years left to save the planet. I don’t think she explained why it was eight and not seven or nine years before the Four Horsemen would ride into view in their electric cars. An American politician called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is more optimistic. Last year she said we have 12 years left before something will happen. In 2013, a Cambridge professor called Peter Wadhams said that we had until 2015 before all the Arctic ice disappeared. Mind you, he was optimistic compared to Gordon Brown who, in 2009, taking a tea-break from buggering up the British economy, told us that we had just 50 days to save the planet. And in 2004, the readers of The Observer were warned that by 2020, Britons would be living in a Siberian climate, though I’m not sure how they fitted that into the ‘global warming’ theory. Eleven years ago, Prince Charles said that we had eight years left to save the planet, so you might imagine that the heir to the throne would be hiding in a cupboard feeling rather embarrassed. However, Charles is made of sterner stuff than most of us and he is continuing with his scaremongering without allowing his past predictions to interfere with his latest proselytizing.

All this wild, scary stuff merely proves that the whole global warming/climate change thing is a hoax, an international scam of Brobdingnagian proportions. Despite the evidence the Mythmakers will doubtless keep going with their predictions. And, of course, making a prediction about the end of the world is a great way to get publicity and pick up more Twitter, Instagram and Facebook followers. The trick, it seems, is to pick a date a few years ahead and then hope that by the time we get there everyone will have forgotten what you said.

The Climate Change Mythmakers remind me of that nice bloke who, for 25 years, used to wander up and down Oxford Street carrying a board warning people to eat less protein.

It occurs to me that if Greta confined herself to walking up and down Oxford Street with a placard predicting the end of the world she would do far less harm.’

Greta’s Homework – by Zina Cohen is available as a paperback and an eBook. It is the book to read if you want the facts and the science about global warming.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2022

Extract from `Greta’s Homework’ with permission from Zina Cohen.