More Climate Change Bollocks

Vernon Coleman

The Government is now warning that people living by water may have to move and create new communities on safer, drier land.

It all rather reminds me of people on the beach moving their towels and picnic baskets up a few yards when the tide is coming in.

Just why anyone should believe this nonsense is beyond me.

The weather folk can’t tell us what the weather is going to be tomorrow so how the hell can a bunch of government myth makers claim to be able to tell us, with absolute certainty, what is going to happen in 80 years’ time?

The irony is, of course, that much of the future flooding is now being blamed on global warming, global cooling or climate change (what it is called naturally depends on the weather at the time) has been caused by the Government’s own policies.

It is Government policy not to bother dredging rivers – thereby letting them flood.

It is Government policy to do nothing to protect the coastline from erosion (an entirely natural phenomenon which has been going on for millennia).

It is Government policy to encourage building on flood plains – thereby ensuring that lots more homes will be flooded.

The result is that there will be lots of flooding in the years ahead.

But we won’t have to wait 80 years for it to happen.

The flooding is going to get worse much more quickly than that.

And the flooding will be entirely the fault of the Government and the interminable number of agencies and quangos who make Government policy – and who now find the climate change myth an excellent excuse for avoiding responsibility for their own incompetence and failings.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

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