Climate Change Fraud

Dr Vernon Coleman

It was recently announced with much fanfare that Britain now obtains more electricity from renewables than from fossil fuels.

But most of the electricity from `renewablesí comes from something called biomass. (Wind and solar power probably provide enough electricity to power the computers and phones of climate change protestors.)

So, what is biomass?

Itís wood. The stuff you get from chopping down trees.

The same trees which we are told we must plant to save the planet.

The EU and the Government want to stop us using log burning stoves and open fireplaces. But at the same time they are shovelling tons of trees into power station burners.

Itís more than lunacy. Itís fraud.

The biomass enthusiasts are, presumably, the same idiots who thought biofuels were a good idea Ė not realising that burning food condemns millions to starve.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2019

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