More Bad News for Climate Change Terrorists

Vernon Coleman

The climate change campaigners wonít like it but here is more bad news for them.

They believe that we should stop using fossil fuels and rely, instead, on solar and wind power.

I have already pointed out (on this website) that this wonít work.

But there is another problem.

Solar panels, batteries, wind turbines, electricity grids and so on all require vast amounts of copper, lithium and nickel.

And unfortunately, the only way to get supplies of copper, lithium and nickel is to dig them out of the ground.

That requires huge machines and lots of oil.

It also means digging big holes and lots of mining in poor countries where people are getting fed up with seeing their landscape ruined and their countries emptied of natural resources.

And, of course, since the oil is running out there wonít be anything with which to power the diggers and the machinery required to get the metals out of the ground and to transport them to the factories where they are needed.

Oh, and there is another small problem.

The growing demand for these metals for making solar panels, batteries, wind farms and so on means that we will run out of them all quite shortly.

Maybe someone should tell the Little Swedish Oracle the bad news.

And maybe someone should point out to all those little climate change terrorists who keep taking time off school to hold up the traffic that if they really want to help the planet they could start by walking to school Ė instead of getting Mum or Dad to take them there in the car.

(By the way, terrorism is defined as the unauthorised use of violence or intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. I donít know about you but I think that blocking roads, telling scary lies and deliberately and unnecessarily frightening innocent people counts as intimidation.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019

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