Teenage Protestors Are Completely Missing the Point

Dr Vernon Coleman MB CB DSc FRSA

Militant climate change conspiracy theorists were out in force in London Ė creating traffic jams and smashing up property to help the planet.

The protestors want us to stop using coal, oil and natural gas so that no one has to bother using mobile phones, laptops, the internet or social media.

And in this I support them. Getting rid of all those things would make all lives more enjoyable.

But if their aim is to save mankind then Iím afraid the sanctimonious, self-important prepubescent demonstrators have picked the wrong target.

And their idea of getting all our energy from wind and sunshine is potty beyond belief.

I have already explained elsewhere on this site why alternative energies donít work (and I discussed the problems with windmills, electric cars and so on in Tickety Tonk) but the real problem is that there is no need to campaign to stop us using oil because the stuff is running out.

If you want to know just how bad things really are already Ė and why we should all be learning to ride horses and grow our own vegetables Ė take a look at my book A Bigger Problem than Climate Change which is available on Amazon.

Itís all true and it will scare the pants off you.

But if you donít know whatís about to happen you wonít be prepared for it.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019