Climbing Trees at 112!

Vernon Coleman

My latest book is called Climbing Trees at 112! and I found it enlightening, invigorating and inspiring to write. It is available as an ebook on Amazon.

The book contains case histories of a host of individuals who did amazing things at ages of 65 and over right up to 100 plus.

Some of the people Ive written about are famous. But many were folk whose lives had been fairly ordinary up until their 70s, 80s or 90s when they suddenly felt unleashed and did amazing things.

If you read the book then I think you will be as inspired as I was when I wrote it.

Its a book that will, I hope, give a lot of people the push, and perhaps the courage, to think If they can do that, I can do this!

Its never too late to do something exciting, dramatic and adventurous. Its never too late to make a real difference.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 6.8.17