Collective Nouns

by Vernon Coleman

About 25 years ago I constructed an original list of collective nouns (ones I had made up) for a book I wrote called The Complete Guide to Life (under the pen name Edward Vernon). Everyone knows that a collection of fish is a shoal and that a group of birds a flock. Most people know that groups of geese, dogs, horses and cattle are collectively known as a gaggle, a pack, a string and a herd. But no one had previously created collective nouns for specific, groups of people. I rediscovered my list this week and Iíve been adding to it. Here is the new, improved and expanded list:

A hamper of assistants
A congregation of clergymen
A galaxy of actresses
A pride of expectant fathers
A knot of scouts
A shower of weather forecasters
A swarm of heating engineers
A congestion of children
A clump of labourers
A drove of chauffeurs
A clutch of car mechanics
A collection of philatelists
A ring of proctologists
A batch of cooks
A press of laundrymen
A girdle of corsetieres
A quantity of surveyors
A parcel of postmen
A cast of sculptors
A band of rubber workers
A tuft of trichologists
A wealth of publishers
A stream of urologists
An embarrassment of parents
A flourish of magicians
A cluster of diamond cutters
A ring of jewellers
A posse of vets
A flounce of divas
A bunch of florists
A nest of mothers
A stack of booksellers/librarians
A corps of pathologists
A cup of bra makers
A congress of prostitutes
A concentration of students
A body of undertakers
A chest of transvestites
A company of representatives
A set of osteopaths
A dossier of policemen
A sheaf of administrators
A pile of gastroenterologists
An aggregation of biochemists
An association of psychologists
A drift of skiers
A clutch of physiotherapists
A school of nurses
A meeting of social workers
A herd of audiologists
A convergence of opticians
An issue of journalists
A brood of midwives
A community of public health officials
A cell of cytologists
A branch of foresters
A line of geneticists
A chain of chemists
A growth of endocrinologists
A cloud of spiritualists
A catch of obstetricians
A mass of oncologists
A smear of laboratory technicians
A promenade of chiropodists
A gathering of dress makers
A camaraderie of photographers
A host of bacteriologists
An order of waiters
A pyramid of archaeologists
A giggle of teenage girls
A gawp of teenage boys
A hold of sailors
A grip of luggage handlers
A slump of economists
A grievance of defendants
A whinge of consumers
A bore of mining engineers
A nerd of IT workers
A bosom of typists
Taken from Bugger Off and Leave Me Alone, by Vernon Coleman. This book (the third volume of Vernon Colemanís bestselling diaries) is available as an ebook on Amazon.

Copyright Vernon Coleman