`Coming Apocalypse’ – New Book by Vernon Coleman Now Available

Vernon Coleman

Vernon Coleman’s new book about the current `crisis’ is now available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback.

Vernon Coleman was the first to warn that the so-called crisis had been exaggerated. Various versions of his videos on You Tube have been watched by millions around the world. His articles on www.vernoncoleman.com have led the way in providing exclusive facts and information. Every prediction and warning Dr Coleman has made has been proved correct.

Now, in this new book, Dr Coleman predicts what will happen to the world when the lockdowns end. Coming Apocalypse contains revealing sections dealing with finance, employment, pensions, taxes, shops, police, health care, travel, education and much, much more.

These are strange days and freedom of speech is a delicate creature. We don’t know how long the book will be available. If you would like a copy we suggest that you do not delay.

Coming Apocalypse
is available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback. Coming Apocalypse on amazon.uk CLICK HERE
Coming Apocalypse on amazon.com CLICK HERE