The Coming Nightmare

Vernon Coleman

The local election results were no surprise, of course.

The odd thing is that the Liberal Democrats and the Greens think they did well and now represent a majority of voters.

Are they that naÔve? Or simply opportunistic?

The truth is that the Tory and Labour voters stayed at home, and their candidates got a fraction of their usual number of votes. The Liberal Democrats and the Greens picked up their usual smattering of votes but won seats because the other candidates didnít get any support. Disillusioned Tory and Labour voters should have voted for independent candidates Ė but not enough of them did. UKIP was slaughtered because people didnít dare vote for it. Even in the privacy of a voting booth electors were scared to put an X by the name of their local UKIP candidate.

The European Elections (if we end up taking part) will be different in that there will be a genuine, decent alternative: the Brexit Party. And Mr Farage will grin from ear to ear as his party tops the poll.

However, looking further ahead, the next General Election is beginning to scare me.

Our bizarre voting system will mean that Brexit candidates wonít get enough seats to form a government. And the Tories are finished as a political party.

So Corbynís mad lefties will almost win.

Thatís bad.

But what if they need Liberal Democrat and Green support to form a Coalition Government?

That would be a real nightmare.

The Greens, selfish, stupid and hypocritical, are a real threat to the elderly and the poor. Their commitment to the climate change scam and their resultant mad energy policies will result in hundreds of thousands of deaths as heat and food prices soar out of reach of everyone except the unemployed and the state employed. (Those, of course, are the mainstay of the Greens.)

And the Liberal Democrats are a danger to everyone Ė including themselves.

The result will be that share prices will halve, anyone not employed by the Government will lose their pension, interest rates will soar to 10% or 15% or more, house prices will truly collapse, inflation will rocket and the pound will become an international pariah currency.

The only growth industry will be in the ferries transporting middle class Britons to their new homes somewhere else.

For millions of hard working, tax paying Brits it will be time to leave the country before they lose everything they have worked for.

Prepare yourself now.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

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