The Coming Pain

Vernon Coleman

Tory chiefs are attempting to soften the extent of their humiliation by predicting that they will lose many seats in this weekís council elections. And they know they will be massacred if Mayís betrayal and incompetence means that the absurd European Elections go ahead.

However, I donít think the Conservative Party bosses realise the extent of the loathing with which they are regarded.

Members and former voters who feel betrayed want to punish the party and its MPs. If there is a general election in the next twelve months there has to be a very good chance that Jeremy Corbyn will be Prime Minister, Diane Abbott will be Home Secretary and we will have the most left wing Government the country has ever known.

Voters would have happily accepted all the pain that was threatened as inevitable if we left the EU without a deal. Most of them knew that the potential pain was exaggerated. Leaving the EU without a deal would, at worst, have caused a modest disruption for a few days.

I think most voters know that having a Corbyn Government would change our way of life far more dramatically than leaving the EU without a deal. It is almost impossible to imagine how low the pound will fall and how high interest rates will have to go. Many businesses will go to the wall and millions will lose their jobs under Corbyn. Shares will fall and private pensions will be destroyed Ė impoverishing all those who donít have civil service pensions. House prices will collapse. Savings will be confiscated from the middle classes through wealth taxes. Companies will be nationalised.

But people are so angry they will take whatever comes if it allows them to punish the Tory MPs who betrayed them.

And I donít think the Conservative Party realises just how much damage Mrs Theresa May has done to her party and her country as well as to democracy and freedom. She has, of course, been aided and abetted, and quite possibly egged on, by an army of incompetent, dishonest and traitorous civil servants. (Virtually the whole of the civil service in London deserves to be fired. I have an awful suspicion most of them will go home with fat bonuses as rewards for their treachery.)

I donít think anyone, anyone, has ever damaged the UK more dramatically and more permanently than Theresa May.

A frightening number of voters will put up with the horrors of a quasi-communist government for the joy of destroying May, Hammond and the Great Betrayers.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019